The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: June 18, 2020


I really wanted to have fun with this one because of big news I’ll get to after the jump, but… hoo boy.  This is a bad day for wrestling, specifically British wrestling.  I’m certain the shoe will drop over on this side too, and when it does, there’s gonna be a lot of people stunned.  I’ll probably be one of them.

Heck, as I type this, it’s probably already beginning.

The fact is, though, we — the industry that I have a tiny but meaningful claim of being a part of — need this.  Wrestling has always had a sordid connection to horrible people, but if there’s going to be a claim of legitimacy going forward, it has to be all up and down the line.  There’s no place in wrestling for criminal, deplorable, disgusting behavior.  The people who’ve already been thrown out are a start — more will come.

When they do, believe those who accuse.  I have yet to see a direct accusation that wasn’t detailed enough for me to believe it, and I doubt there will be one.  And if multiple people accuse the same figure, it’s over.  But that’s just step one.  Step two is to get on the wrestling promotions and tell them to disassociate with the monsters involved.  I’ll just say that both NXT UK and Impact will have some questions to answer from what I’ve seen.

We as fans need to demand improvement.  We as fans can change things.  Let’s do it.

…okay, enough blather, let’s go to good news.

(sigh) Whew.  But there is some good news, folks: after about three months of everyone doing their part to keep us safe, indie wrestling is going to give a show in front of a live crowd a try.

GCW will be in Indiana with a VERY restricted attendance in an outdoor venue for the WRLD on GCW 2.  You can debate the merits of this all you want, but if you wish to see the show, FITE has it available.  Featured matches include Chris Dickinson vs Steve Manders, Nick Gage vs Nate Webb, and Allie Kat vs EFFY.  If things come out well from this… and that’s a bit of an if… I hope the wrestling we love can start to resume sooner rather than later.

(Assuming everyone involved isn’t a monster.  Geez, I hate today.)

One video wouldn’t hurt.  Sierra Loxton has been front and center about outing the people in the industry.  Here is what she says is her favorite match, taking on “Viper” Piper Niven.

Be excellent to each other.  Let’s talk it out.