Biggest Mark in Wrestling?

This has got to be Tony Khan right? I mean seeing how heartbroken he was in his response to Uncle Dave saying NJPW was light-years ahead of everyone when it comes to wrestling had to earn him the victory right? Looks like you just moved up in the Nightmare family. Between that and his pandering to fans basically begging the kids to watch and tell their friends, or his over the top tweets about how each show is the best show anyone has seen in months surely can't be topped? Even Vince waited 15-20 years before he started taking pics with title belts and flexing his muscles.

Tony is such a mark he passes he markyness on to his employees, even the refs. You got Aubrey Edwards talking about she couldn't work in WWE because refs can't have personalities there and Tony allows her to be herself. Like seriously, we are at the point we people are bitching about refs not be able to show there personalities. Keep in mind this is also the same ref who basically got death threats for wearing lipstick that was too red. Is it too much to asks refs to just be happy to slowly count to 3?


Little Naitch aka the greatest ref ever


Speaking of marks, when called one by Finn last night Johnny Wrestling saying my name is Johnny not Mark was the line of the night for me!

Dude, it’s ok for people to like different things.  That’s the great thing about a free society.