WWF Superstars – March 4th, 1995


March 4, 1995

From the West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, FL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler

We see an excited Vince with a displeased Lawler as we are promised footage of last week’s battle royal where Lawler got eliminated. Plus, a recap of the WrestleMania XI press conference. Lawler then yells at the camera to stop moving down for some reason that we will learn about later.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Bob Cook

Vince once again makes fun of Lawler after getting eliminated in the battle royal. Lawler then claims there were all sorts of complaints over Gorilla Monsoon’s job last week as Kid takes Cook outside with a dropkick. The announcers now talk about Bigelow vs. LT what could happen as Cook beats on Kid. Vince then adds that Diesel is training LT as Kid avoids an elbow drop. Cook breaks out of a headlock with a back suplex but Kid catches him with a spinning heel kick then cradles him for the win (2:00). Vince then plugs Bob Holly vs. Hakushi on the “Action Zone” and refers to Holly as Kid’s partner.

Thoughts: Despite the fact it was not officially heard yet on WWF TV, they were talking about Bigelow vs. LT like it was happening for sure and by this time many of the fans were aware of the media coverage regarding the official announcement at the press conference.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She hypes the 3/19 MSG show as part of the “In High Gear” tour. Wiand then interviews Jeff Jarrett & Shawn Michaels with the Roadie about their match against Diesel & Razor Ramon. They promise their opponents that both men will be laying flat on their backs. We also learn that Bret Hart & British Bulldog will take on Owen Hart & Jerry Lawler.


Our WrestleMania Moment is Reba Mcintyre signing the Star Spangled Banner at WrestleMania VIII. I mean, isn’t that moment on the top of everyone’s list? Then again, with Hogan and Savage in WCW, those two were not going to be highlighted in a positive way.


Vince thanks the fans in attendance for the WrestleMania XI Press Conference.


Kama vs. Chris Nelson

Vince brings up how Kama was rumored to have been Shawn’s bodyguard but it instead went to Psycho Sid. Kama beats on Nelson then hits a belly-to-belly suplex then quickly puts on the STF for the win (1:27). We then see the girl who was the guest ring announcer name Kama the winner as Kama once again yells about wanting competition and since he hasn’t been given any he will “pick it” himself.

Thoughts: Kama just isn’t working out in this role. His offense and character work are subpar at best but despite all of that he does seemed to be lined up for a midcard push at least and given the heel side of the roster at this point they might as well have pushed him a little to see if by any chance he took off.


We see how Bret Hart eliminated Lawler in last week’s battle royal.


Up next, Psycho Sid as guest on the “Heartbreak Hotel.” In action are Lex Luger, Mantaur, and King Kong Bundy.


Henry Godwinn vs. Leroy Howard

We see a fan taunt Godwinn by making a pig nose. Godwinn hammers away then avoids a charge and hits Howard with a back suplex. Godwinn then scratches himself on the ropes before driving Howard into the corner. Godwinn roughs up Howard then hits a clothesline as Vince calls Godwinn the “Frank Perdue of hogs.” Godwinn stays in control as Lawler says he will teach Bret a lesson before calling him a racist as Godwinn hits the Slop Drop for the win (2:11). After the match, Lawler attempts to use his Royal Magistrator but it does not work.

Thoughts: Another squash match win for Godwinn as he is not doing anything of note and big accomplishment so far is having a good showing in a loss against Undertaker, who was without the urn.


Heartbreak Hotel with guest Psycho Sid. Before Sid comes out, Shawn gives us his top 10 reasons why he will become champion at WrestleMania. It was really long and lame to be honest. Sid then tells us why he is the #1 reason because the ground shakes when he walks and everyone fears him and when you add that with Shawn, they will both rule the world. Shawn’s top 10 was too long and killed the segment. Sid’s part was fine but brief.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Dennis Knight & Black Phantom

Mabel tosses Knight into the corner and follows with a clothesline. Mabel then hits an enziguiri but misses an elbow drop. Knight drops Mabel after a second clothesline then taunts the crowd but Mabel ends up knocking him over the top rope. Oscar laughs as Phantom tags in but is whipped into the corner, Mo is in then soon after that Mabel is pushed on top of Phantom for the win (2:44).

Thoughts: MoM gets a win but no follow up to the comment from a few weeks ago about them getting a shot at the Tag Team Titles.


We get another WrestleMania Moment, this time the battle royal from WrestleMania 2.


WrestleMania Report with Todd Pettengill. We start off with Pettengill saying that you can count on WrestleMania being around come April, unlike the MLB. Besides Pamela Anderson, other celebrities that will be in attendance are Nicholas Turturro (guest ring announcer), Johnathan Taylor Thomas (guest broadcaster), and Jennifer McCarty (guest timekeeper). Pettengill also promises more stars announced in the coming weeks. Now, we get official match announcements of Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels for the World Title and Bigelow vs. LT. Plus, LT will have an “All-Pro” team of NFL players including: Reggie White, Ricky Jackson, Ken Norton Jr., Steve McMichael, Carl Banks, and Chris Spielman. And, The Corporation will be at ringside as the graphic includes Nikolai Volkoff. The two matches announced here were a given and they really did get some high profile football players as part of LT’s entourage. And next week expect other matches to get announced.


King Kong Bundy vs. Butch Long

The announcers talk about LT vs. Bigelow as Bundy beats on Long. He then tosses Long through the ropes as the announcers come up with scenarios regarding what the All-Pro team will do if The Corporation interferes then Bundy hits an Avalanche for the win (1:31).

Thoughts: All hype for Bigelow/LT but no talk off Bundy and what he might be doing at the PPV.


We once again get the ad with Nicholas Turturro interrogating Paul Bearer (dressed in drag) and then Mr. Fuji in drag.


An ad hyping the WWF Fan Festival prior to WrestleMania airs.


Lex Luger vs. Sonny Pruitt

Vince makes fun of Pruitt’s back hair then Lawler makes fun of Luger’s hair. Luger runs over Pruitt as Vince talks about Luger’s good friend the British Bulldog facing Shawn Michaels on RAW. Pruitt shoves Luger after a break then cheap shots him in the corner. However, Pruitt misses a charge as Luger hits a back suplex. Vince talks about Luger’s match against Tatanka on RAW as Luger hits the powerslam before putting Pruitt away with the Rebel Rack (2:02).

Thoughts: Some hype for the never-ending Luger/Tatanka feud as well as the Bulldog/Shawn match for RAW.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. We hear from Bret & Bulldog as Bret talks about hating Lawler’s guts and is sick of his accusations of racism to hype the tag match on the “In High Gear” tour.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Bill Weaver

Vince says that next week, Mantaur will face Razor Ramon. Mantaur drives Weaver into the corner. He misses an elbow drop and Weaver tries to knock him down but fails and gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lawler says that Mantaur was size 18 EEE feet as Mantaur stays in control. Mantaur hits a splash but pulls up Weaver and tries for a second and misses. Weaver then tries a crossbody and Mantaur catches him and hits a front falling slam for the win (2:00). Mantaur then tells Razor this will happen to him next week.

Thoughts: A win for Mantaur to give him momentum heading into next week’s featured match.


We then see Lawler’s foot as he is only wearing one boot and has just a sock on his injured foot. The show ends with Vince dropping the mic and hitting Lawler’s toe as Lawler is in pain. Vince did not do a good job at dropping the mic near the foot but the sound it made was good enough for this harmless gag.


Final Thoughts: The big news here is the WrestleMania match announcements. Next week we get a featured match again and will hear more about WrestleMania as the show is less than one month away.