Wrestling Move that Completely Blew Your Mind the First Time You Saw It

Hey Scott,

First of all, thanks for 20+ years of great wrestling writing. My question is: What move totally blew your mind the first time you saw it? I'm thinking less of a high spot like Mankind getting thrown off the cell and more of a now-common move that completely floored you the first time you saw it. For me, I vividly remember watching Summerslam 96 at my friend's house and seeing Marc Mero bust out the first shooting star press I had ever seen. Granted I was 9, but I had never even conceived that you could rotate your body in that direction in a controlled way.

Of course, any once-groundbreaking move is bound to be copied ad infinitum until it becomes cliche. I think everyone's answer will probably say a lot about their “golden age” as a fan. But I'm curious if you or the bloggers have any specific memories that come to mind of seeing a totally innovative, mind-bending move for the first time.
Great Muta's moonsault, baby.  And then later that VERY SAME YEAR, Scott Steiner throwing around 300 pound dudes with the Frankensteiner.  The NWA was quite the deal that year.  Honorable mention to 2 Cold Scorpio coming out of nowhere and hitting a 450 splash at the Clash of Champions in his debut.