Worst change in theme song?

What are some of the worst theme song changes you can think of, not counting WWE Network replacing copyrighted music with generic themes. The worst for me is WCW replacing Goldberg's classic Invasion theme with Megadeth's “Crush 'Em”. I know it was in promotion of the Universal Soldier movie, but damn, what a horrible theme for wrestling.

Thanks for all the years you've been writing about wrestling!

WCW had some really weird ones with that album, like Sting using “Seek and Destroy” from Metallica, which is a badass song but not a great one for a wrestling theme.  Probably the all-time boner has to go to Steve Austin's music changing to that god-awful nu-metal remix bullshit.  Was it Disturbed?  All those groups from the 2000s kind of run together for me.