WWF Monday Night RAW – February 27th, 1995

February 27, 1995

From the Macon Coliseum in Macon, GA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette

Before the show, we see a blue WWF logo and a voiceover saying that for over 50 years its been the revolutionary force in sports entertainment.

Tonight, we will finally hear from Lawrence Taylor. Plus, Lex Luger vs. Tatanka and more!


We hear prerecorded comments from Luger as he recaps what Tatanka and Ted DiBiase had done to him at SummerSlam and there past few encounters including Luger saying Tatanka stooped to his all-time low by attacking Chief Jay Strongbow from behind on the “Action Zone.” Luger then vows to get revenge and adds that Strongbow will be in his corner to keep an eye on DiBiase.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Lex Luger w/ Chief Jay Strongbow

Luger chases Tatanka outside of the ring then gets attacked when entering the ring. Luger fights back then Tatanka bails and regroups with DiBiase. Luger once again chases Tatanka outside of the ring but this time slides in to make sure he does not get attacked. Tatanka is once again with DiBiase as we get a “USA” chant from the crowd. Tatanka slides in and chops down Luger. He uses more overhand chops then a turnbuckle smash. Liger hulks up after a few chops then backs Tatanka into the corner and fires away. Tatanka breaks up mounted punches with an inverted atomic drop but Luger comes back with a clothesline and hammers away. Tatanka yanks Luger through the ropes as Luger’s head hits the guardrail. Luger is on the apron getting attacked then is back inside where Tatanka drops him with a chop for a two count. We go to break then return with Tatanka stomping away in the corner. We get even more overhand chops by Tatanka as Vince yells about Tatanka selling out while Cornette said he signed a contract after making a business deal, prompting Vince to say its dirty money. Tatanka locks on his dreaded slow dance bearhug but Luger escapes and uses a back suplex as both men are down. Strongbow gives Luger a pep talk but Tatanka chops away in the corner. Luger paces around after each chop then catches Tatanka with a boot to the face. Tatanka gets booted again after a charge as Luger now runs wild. Luger catches Tatanka with a sleeper as Vince said that Strongbow taught him that hold. Tatanka breaks that up by backing Luger into the corner then he goes out and yanks Strongbow’s headdress but Strongbow hits him with a few chops. Luger runs out and beats on Tatanka then rolls him into the ring and hits a knee lift as we go to break. Luger hits a bulldog then clotheslines Tatanka through the ropes when we return. Tatanka then said he has had enough and heads up the aisle but Luger follows and hammers away before carrying him back into the ring. Tatanka begs for mercy but Luger hits a powerslam. Tatanka then rolls outside as the ref held back Luger for some reason. Luger then pulls Tatanka up to the apron and slams him back in then uses ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner. DiBiase then distracts Luger and that allows Tatanka to roll outside and head up the aisle. DiBiase also leaves with his man as he has the urn in his hand and Tatanka gets counted out (12:55) *1/2. After the match, Luger sprints down the aisle and goes backstage.

Thoughts: Essentially the same formula used as the rest of their matches but this one was a bit more energetic and the finish made sense since the feud was not over. Although, most people were wishing it was over. Strongbow’s involvement seemed to get a decent reaction but these two have been wrestling the same match for weeks and this is the best they can do.


We see LT in the WWF Studios with his hand on his chin as he will be making his statement soon.


A clip of Bret Hart eliminating Jerry Lawler from the battle royal on “Superstars” airs.


Owen Hart vs. Larry Santo

Santo had been doing enhancement work in WCW and SMW for the past few years. He also used a Mr. Tennessee gimmick, which explains the Tennessee jacket he was wearing. Owen slaps Santo across the face then hides behind the ref. Cornette puts over Santo and heard he is the son of Mexican wrestler El Santo as Vince is not too sure about that statement. Owen catches Santo with a spinning heel kick as the announcers talk about the possibility of a LT/Bigelow match. Owen stays in control until Santo blocks a turnbuckle smash. Santo lands a few punches but eats boot on a charge. Owen then hits a missile dropkick and after that uses a sharpshooter for the win (3:44). Vince says we will hear from LT next then we also see Bigelow in a separate studio as we will hear from him tonight too.

Thoughts: Not much here as the announcers mainly focused on hyping LT’s appearance.


We now see LT on a split screen. Vince asks him if he showed any disrespect to Bigelow at the Rumble. LT said he did not and was there to support his friend Diesel and to have a good time. Cornette then asks why he did not go after Bigelow as LT said its not his style. Vince talks about the incident being an embarrassment as LT talks about not being ready for what happened and thankful for the WWF spot but after seeing the replay over and over felt embarrassed as he was never pushed like that in the NFL. Vince now asks LT what he will do from here as LT jokes that Bigelow shoves like a “sissy” as LT said he is still weighing his options and whatever he decides to do will be right for himself. Vince goes over the accusations that Bigelow has made about LT hiding behind his manager as Cornette flat out asks if LT is scared. LT said he would call the cops if scared then puts over Bigelow for being a tremendous athlete then Cornette cuts him off to bring Bigelow onto to the screen. Bigelow claimed LT told him he was beaten by a 13 year old, referencing the Kid. Bigelow then says no one scares him and how he doesnt shove like a sissy, even adding that if he playede on the (offensive) line he would have retired LT a long time ago. Bigelow continues to amp up things and agitate LT then asks if he will be at the Harley Davidson Cafe and hear what the whole world wants as LT says he will be there and leaves as Bigelow talks more trash while Cornette talks about LT running off again. LT will be at the press conference and I cannot imagine anyone thinking he was going to decline Bigelow’s challenge. Either way, the segment was good even if LT seemed way out of his element as Vince, Cornette, and Bigelow were able to carry things.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Bob Cook

Vince plugs the Superstar line and how you can call after noon EST tomorrow to get updates from the WrestleMania Press Conference. Doink grounds Cook as we see Dink run in and wiggle his butt in front of Cook. Doink now works the arm as Vince talks about Diesel defending the World Title against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania and how they will be at the press conference tomorrow, Psycho Sid included. Doink trips up Cook and works the arm again as Vince brings up the latest Harris Poll that said 71% of those over 25 years of age are overweight. Cornette then talks about liking mayonnaise and how its rich in fiber as Doink hits a slam then a leg drop before the Whoopie Cushion for the win (3:32).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to plug the WrestleMania XI Press Conference. Doink is an opening match act and nothing more at this time.


We get a hype video for next week’s British Bulldog vs. Shawn Michaels match.


Kama vs. Ken Raper

Kama takes Raper down a few times then misses a charge in the corner as Cornette suggests if Kama wants competition then he should face Mantaur. Kama uses a spin kick then some jabs to the gut in the corner. Kama dances around after a few elbow drops then yells about wanting competition. The announcers talk about Bulldog vs. Shawn next week as Kama attacks Raper in the corner. The announcers then talk about the Psycho Kid name as Kama puts Raper into the camera and that he is not competition. Kama then hits a belly-to-belly suplex and after that uses the STF for the win (3:39).

Thoughts: Long, dull squash match here. The gimmick was fine, and possibly could have been successful with a better wrestler,  but Kama was not the in-ring performer able to pull it off. The crowds are always dead when he wrestles and again, that can be partly contributed to the poor job of introducing his character since he was not established as a heel or face out of the gate.


We now see the hosts as Cornette makes fun of Luger then hypes next week’s show. Now, we go split screen with Bulldog, who wants to settle the score with Shawn and promises to take a bite out of the Heartbreak Kid.


Next week, Vince promises to recap what happened at the Harley Davidson Cafe. We now cut to Todd Pettengill, who is hosting the press conference and puts over all of the media outlets that are covering the event. Pettengill also plugs how you can find out all the updates by calling the WWF Superstar Line.


Final Thoughts: The LT segment was good but the rest of the show was not as the action was poor. Next week though should have an excellent featured match plus all of the press conference fallout as WrestleMania XI approaches.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 3/4/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/5/95

Wednesday: WWF Action Zone 3/5/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 3/6/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 3/11/95. WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/12/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 3/12/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 3/13/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 3/18/95, WWF Challenge 3/19/95