two questions



Can they stop it with the “cinematic wrestling” already? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the hell out of the Stadium Stampede but all others have been “meh” and I’m feeling that the style is ALREADY oversaturated.


Who’s a wrestler in AEW and WWE that everyone is sleeping on?


Well, Sunny's out of the business now, but…oh wait, you said sleeping ON.  Sorry.  

Yeah I'm really over the cinematic wrestling stuff.  Even Edge-Orton was apparently stitched together from a bunch of retakes to craft a 45 minute match, which makes it all the more strange to me that they'd have the first portion of the match be kind of dull.  If everything is a deliberate choice, then why not edit it to be balls-out great from start to finish?  Or just take footage of Flair-Steamboat from the early 80s and superimpose their heads on it with CGI.  You could use Omega but the jazz hands would give it away.