The return of NJPW

Do you have any plans to review the return of NJPW? I like them coming back with the New Japan Cup and there are some very intriguing possibilities.

I also find it fascinating that theyre doing essentially what AEW did with the warehouse tapings, and Japan got coronavirus way before the US did. Not sure what it's like in Canada but it's so depressing to see other countries take this pandemic far more seriously than us. 

Did NJPW handle the pandemic best in wrestling? 

I'm not exactly sure what my plans are in that regard.  I haven't subbed to New Japan World since everything started but I can always start it up again.  I think they handled it really well, because both AEW and WWE kept running a watered-down product during quarantine and now everyone's ratings are eroded as a result.  

As for how we're handling the pandemic in Canada, it's very dependent on which part of the country you're from.  Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) has pretty much got it under control at this point.  Here in Saskatchewan we're at something like 10 total cases, and BC is down to 5.  It was really never a major problem at any point compared to what you saw in the US.  However, Ontario and Quebec are still seeing cases like crazy because of denser populations I'd imagine.