Rants that didn’t age well

Hey Scott, Fax here from the blog. Had a question for you about some Scott Keith memes we kid around about. Which of your rants do you find most cringe-worthy in retrospect:  

1) The “who did it help?” Rant from Summerslam 2002. (I’d consider this the clubhouse leader given you’ve retracted it on a number of occasions) 


3) Various bits of drooling over Benoit particularly “Benoit MURDERS so-and-so with a chop” and so forth. 

4) Your mid/late ‘90’s Hogan hate, given you seem much more appreciative of his efforts now. 

(Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who was nodding in agreement with all of the above points at the time.)

Conversely, what rants do you feel aged the best, as though you had a crystal ball? 

The Benoit stuff doesn't bother me so much because no one could have known what would eventually happen.  I've grown more appreciative of Hogan in the 80s but 94-96 pre-nWo Hulk can still get bent. 

The stuff with Shawn and Taker is weird because who could have predicted that Shawn Michaels would launch a full-time comeback the next year?  At the time it was seemingly a one-and-done miracle deal with a wrecked neck from someone who had flushed all his goodwill in the business years before. Also, Undertaker was pretty wrecked by that point and could barely move, but then reduced his schedule drastically and managed to reinvent himself years later.  But even wrestlers at that point were openly talking about how he was ready to hang it up, dating back to 1997!  

The stuff I really regret is the use of completely inappropriate homophobic language in my younger years, which comes off much worse than any of those examples.  It was bad then and comes off even worse now.  

However, I would like to point out that I totally called King Corbin from the start.