Your YouTube oddity of the week

Barry Horowitz vs… Mark Young? Who I guess is Strongbow's son? And gets an entrance and theme music in MSG for some reason!?!

(He also apparently has the very specific superpower  of absorbing gimmicks from former Marcus Bagwell tag partners… Patriot's tights, Scorpio's breakdancing, and I bet does the clap at some point.)

Cagematch seems to suggest that he actually won a few other house show matches around this time. although I only ever recall him jobbing on TV.

Very weird.
Oh yeah, they were all in on Mark Young for a little bit and then BAM, he was done like Bart Simpson walking out the back door of Krusty's studio.  Even weirder because there you had Mark Young (real son of Jay Strongbow using different name) and then also the completely unrelated Jay Strongbow Jr. (fake son of Jay Strongbow using same name) because, you know, WRESTLING.