WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 26th, 1995


February 26, 1995

From the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase


British Bulldog vs. Timothy Well w/ Harvey Whippleman & Steven Dunn

its like a featured match here on Challenge. DiBiase wants Lawrence Taylor to stop hiding behind his attorney and answer Bigelow’s challenge. Well bounces off of Bulldog then we get an Irish whip sequence ending with Bulldog using a hip toss. Well bails after an offensive flurry by Bulldog as the announcers talk about Bulldog & Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart & Bob Backlund on the “Action Zone.” Well returns and Bulldog fires away but Well grabs Bulldog’s tigghts and yanks him through the ropes. Dunn distracts Bulldog so Well can use a double axe handle from the apron. Well kicks Bulldog in the corner and even uses a spin kick. Well hits a pair of running leg drops to the back of Bulldog’s neck and gets two. Well applies a chin lock as the announcers talk about the Superstars battle royal. Bulldog now uses a delayed vertical suplex and a clothesline and ends up catching Well and turning that into a running powerslam for the win (4:50) *1/2. Lane says that Hakushi, Kama, and Mantaur will be in action on the show.

Thoughts: Basic action as Bulldog gets another win heading into his tag match on the Action Zone.


The ad with Mr. Fuji, Paul Bearer, and Nicholas Turturro airs.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Geza Kalman

DiBiase asks why Gorilla is not here and Lane tells him that Gorilla had to replace Lawler on Superstars. Mantaur immediately attacks the shorter, chubbier Kalman. We then see Kalman try and fail to knock Mantaur down. Kalman kicks Mantaur in the face and then a few more attacks to knock him down but Mantaur roars and drops him with a clothesline. Mantaur then hits a belly-to-belly suplex and beats down Kalman. Lane puts over Mantaur’s thighs as Cornette encourages his client to inflict more pain. Mantaur then hits a running clothesline and after that uses a corner splash then front falling slam for the win (3:16).

Thoughts: Quite the match here with Kalman, who was short and fat but actually went on to have a career in MMA including a few fights in the early days of UFC. He did not show much ability of anything here though. Mantaur continues to get wins on TV and pushed for his size, however.


WWF Live Event News. Same as we saw on Superstars with Wiand plugging the WM XI Press Conference at the Harley Davidson Cafe.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Reno Riggins

Riggins dropkicks Droese from behind then hammers away. Droese then wins a slugfest but Riggins rakes the eyes. Droese takes Riggins over with a hip toss then a slam as DiBiase talks about Droese representing everything he eats as Lane says Droese is proud to make $4 an hour. Riggins rakes the eyes to escape from a bearhug then kicks away in the corner. Droese reverses an Irish whip and catches Riggins with a press slam then uses the Trash Compactor for the win (2:38).

Thoughts: Another win for Droese, who is another wrestler without anything going on at the moment.


Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. Chris Nelson

DiBiase also brings up what Jerry Lawler has said about Bret making racial slurs towards the Japanese. Hakushi uses a throat thrust then a thrust kick as we hear from Shinja in an insert promo as he spoke Japanese. Hakushi comes back with another thrust kick then some chops. Hakushi now hammers away but ducks his head and lets Nelson make a comeback but Hakushi cuts that off and uses a flying shoulder tackle then a springboard splash for the win (2:32).

Thoughts: Hakushi’s offense remains awesome as they build him up for a program against Bret Hart.


Another clip of Luger as part of the Health South Sports Council.


A Kama vignette airs.


Kama vs. Bill Payne

Lane says his “Superstar Line” sources said that Kama was in the running to be Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. Kama trips up Payne as DiBiase said he is thinking of making Kama an offer. Kama continues to beat on Payne as DiBiase continues to talk him up then Kama puts on the STF for the win (2:47). After the match, Kama looks into the camera and demands competition and if not will make it himself.

Thoughts: So far, Kama has been a flop with the TV crowds. The vignettes were cool and all but never really made him a heel or face and his offense is not crisp enough for the character he is portraying and the post-match promos have been awful.


We see the Smoking Gunns vs. Headshrinkers match from last week’s “Superstars”


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Lee Tobin

Bundy shoves down Tobin a few times then yells at the fans. Lane keeps talking about the battle royal as Bundy tosses Tobin outside. Back in the ring, Bundy clotheslines Tobin then uses a knee drop and pulls him up at two. Lane now plugs Tatanka vs. Luger on RAW as Bundy hits the avalanche for the win (2:36). Lane also says that WWF President Jack Tunney has banned the five count while DiBiase gives Bundy some money for winning.

Thoughts: Bundy lumbers around for another squash match win that felt three times as long as it lasted. They plugged Luger vs. Tatanka for RAW and we found out why the five count has been no more, even if they havent done it in months.


Another WWF Live Event News segment airs.


Next week in action are Tatanka, Smoking Gunns, Jacob & Eli Blue, and Man Mountain Rock.


Lane then asks DiBiase about what LT will say on RAW as DiBiase mocks LT and to just admit he is scared.


Final Thoughts: We actually had a competitive match for once here but the rest of the show was more of the same you expected from Challenge in this era. And in the coming weeks expect recycled segments and highlights of matches from other shows used to push WrestleMania XI.