WWE creative changes – Heyman out, Prichard promoted

It’s often said that, with a few rare exceptions, people who work for Vince McMahon, specifically in a creative role, have a “time limit”.  I’m surprised Paul Heyman lasted a year; at least he’s not been fired though as he can concentrate on his on-screen role, which doesn’t actually exist as long as Brock Lesnar is AWOL.  I know it really doesn’t matter as Vince cannot give up any kind of control, despite claims that the executive director role is to take some the weight off his shoulders, but how long do you think Brother Love will last?

I'd think he'll last a long time because his whole deal is agreeing with whatever Vince wants, plus he's an old name that Vince knows and trusts, so I think he'll be relatively safe as long as he doesn't burn out from five hours of TV a week.  
Two weeks?