Taker final match idea

Things we know – 1) Taker buried AJ at WrestleMania in the highly entertaining Boneyard match AND AJ is haunted by it (see MITB). 2) As per The Last Ride docu-series, Taker keeps trying to have one last great match. 3) Survivor Series 2020 is 30 years of Taker and a perfect way to finally retire. 4) Taker’s never been IC Champ. 5) Taker is the pro’s pro and a la Taker/Roman would go out on his back. 

So… AJ is now IC Champ after a near perfect match with D-Bry on SD. He defends against Gulak, Bryan, Jeff Hardy, Kofi, etc really enforcing the workhorse nature of the belt. After SummerSlam he starts getting “messages” from Taker and spooky stuff starts happening.

In October on the 1-year Fox-aversary (because that seems like something WWE would do), Taker returns to Smackdown. He says at WM he came for AJ’s soul, now he’s here for something he never had in his 30 year career, the IC Title. AJ says, he might’ve beaten him in “The Boneyard” but there’s no way he can beat AJ in a wrestling ring. He says he’ll put up his IC against Taker, but he wants it in the main event of Survivor Series, so he can end the Deadman’s career 30 years after it starts. Taker agrees. Title vs. Career at Survivor Series…

And AJ WINS. Preferably he’d tap out Taker with the Calf Crusher, but a Phenomenal Foreman (to beat the Phenom) works great too. AJ can guide Taker to that last great match and Taker goes out in style. The IC Title is elevated to GOD status and AJ would carry it to Mania where he’d finally lose it to… I don’t know, Adam Cole, but that’s another post.

WWE can have this one for free.

I've forwarded it to [email protected] for you.  Best of luck!