WWF Superstars – February 25th, 1995

February 25, 1995

From the West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, FL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon, replacing Jerry Lawler since Lawler is part of the battle royal.

This week, we have a 20-man battle royal.


20 Man Battle Royal: British Bulldog, King Kong Bundy, 1-2-3 Kid, Mantaur, Duke Droese, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jacob Blu, Eli Blu, Aldo Montoya, Fatu, Sionne, Tom Prichard, Jimmy Del Ray, Henry Godwinn, Mo, Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly. Adam Bomb, Kwang, Mabel, Shawn Michaels

Several of the competitors received their own entrance televised, including Mabel as Mo came out during the break. Everyone charges after Shawn so he decides to eliminate himself then leaves as Vince yells at him for being a coward. Shawn then taunts everyone from the aisle as Vince reminds us that Shawn is going to WrestleMania. We get lots of brawling then finally get another elimination when Lawler gets rid of Mo. Jacob Blu gets rid of Sionne then we see Mabel lift up Kid with a choke until Drose makes the save. Fatu then gets rid of Jacob before the break and we return with Mabel once again beating on Kid. Godwinn dumps Droese and we get more brawling until Kwang gets rid of Del Ray with a thrust kick. Nice bump there by the gigolo. Mabel then hits Kwang & Bundy with a corner splash as Mantaur is now beating on Kid. Holly eliminates Montoya with a clothesline then Mabel gets rud of Godwinn as the ring as started to thin out a bit. Vince said it wouldn’t surprise him if guys ganged up on Mabel or Bundy as Bundy has eliminated Fatu. Mantaur gets rid of Bomb then Kid eliminates Prichard then runs wild on Lawler. Bundy and Mantaur try to dump Mabel then finally do in a spot so awful as you literally see Mabel step over the ropes on his own for the elimination. Bundy then yells about how he got rid of Mabel by himself so Mantaur, Bulldog, and a few others get rid of him as we go to break. The match returns as we are down to several wrestlers. Eli Blue & Lawler get rid of Holly then we see Bulldog & Kid corner Lawler and try to get rid of him but that fails. Gorilla brings up the king of battle royals, Andre the Giant, as Lawler is dumped over the top rope but he lands on one foot with his other still in the air. Lawler yells at the fans to shut up as he tries to sneak back into the ring. Vince screams about Lawler winning the match but Bret Hart walks down to the ring and gets close to Lawler and keeps inching closer as Lawler starts hopping away with Vince calling him a “demented kangaroo.” Bret then steps on Lawler’s foot so the other one drops as Lawler is officially eliminated now we see Bret punching away. Kwang whiffs on a spinning heel kick then Bulldog eliminates him with a clothesline as we are down to the final four: Bulldog, Eli Blu, 1-2-3 Kid, and Mantaur. Eli gets rid of Kid then Bulldog eliminates Mantaur as Bulldog slugs it out with Eli until Bulldog hits a running powerslam. Bulldog tries to toss out Eli but Shawn runs out and punches Bulldog in the gut as Vince yells at him for being a coward. Eli hammers away then charges but Bulldog ducks and uses a low-bridge to eliminate Eli as he gets the win (20:55) **. Vince yells about Bulldog winning the “prestigious” battle royal.

Thoughts: As far as battle royals go the action was fine here. However, the whole thing just seemed designed to give Bulldog a win since he was the runner up in the Rumble match and saying it was prestigious to win when Shawn eliminated himself in ten seconds was a bit much. It was a bit notable to see Mabel more aggressive against other face wrestlers and the fact he came out separate from Mo was also something to remember.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. This segment has new music and its really dated and corny. She plugs the WrestleMania XI press conference at the Harley Davidson cafe in New York City where the WrestleMania lineup will be revealed. That will take place on 2/28 so its safe to expect we should know of the main event when RAW ends Monday night. She also plugs the 3/19 MSG show as part of the “In High Gear” tour.


We see Jeff Jarrett with The Roadie backstage as he will be in action after the break.


Steve The Miz” Mizerak is the special guest ring announcer. He is a world champion billiards player as Gorilla puts him over as the greatest 9-ball player in the world.


Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie vs. Ben Jordan

Vince tells us that Jarrett has a light up suit just like the Las Vegas lights but in fact the suit is not lighting up. Before the match, Jarrett tells the crowd he is the world’s greatest singer, entertainer, wrestler, and new Intercontinental Champion. Jarrett then says he will challenge Mizerak in pool too. The crowd chants for Razor Ramon as Jarrett is displeased. Vince notes that Jarrett came up short against Diesel last Monday night on RAW. Jarrett shoves Jordan to the mat after a break then towels himself off. Jarrett rolls out and sips water then heads back in and beats Jordan down. Jarrett then uses a swinging neckbreaker and struts around as we hear more chants for Razor. The announcers want to talk about seeing a Jarrett vs. Razor rematch as Jarrett continues to beat on Jordan until he ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Jordan heads up top but Jarrett cuts him off and hits a superplex then uses the figure-four for the win (4:48).

Thoughts: Jarrett spent a lot of time on the mic here but the action was solid as Jordan was a decent worker. The announcers really played up a Jarrett vs. Razor rematch for the Intercontinental Title.


We get a commercial about “WrestleMania Fever” and how it will all start next week.


The ad with Diesel about WWF Superstars caring about their fans more than money airs.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bob Cook

Vince screams like a lunatic as Rock plays guitar. Vince once again brings up how Rock was Darryl Peterson at Iowa State as a top collegiate wrestler. Rock fires away and uses these moronic guitar motions but misses a corner splash. Cook hammers away until Rock runs him over then hits the Wallapalooza for the win (1:32).

Thoughts: The Rock character is not clicking for the live crowds. His awful attire is not helping, either.


Owen Hart is shown backstage. He is pissed about not getting a title shot against the Smoking Gunns and vows he can find a partner to win the titles. They are now going with an angle for Owen to find a partner to get the Tag Team Titles.


We get an ad with Nicholas Turturro as he asks Paul Bearer on the whereabouts of Yokozuna. Turturro is doing his James Martinez character from “NYPD Blue.” Bearer for some reason is wearing a dress and a wig as Mr. Fuji is sitting next to him. Turturro said that the evidence is all over the casket then the Undertaker’s music plays and lights go off with Fuji now in the dress and wig. Turturro then said that Bearer is a good man and goes after the “crossdressing low-life” who desecrates the American flag. A goofy segment but its clear that Yokozuna is returning to the WWF sooner than later.


Owen Hart vs. Gary Scott

Scott grounds Hart and works the arm. Owen catches Scott with a knee smash as the announcers talk about Owen & Backlund vs. Bret & Bulldog on the “Action Zone.” Vince then wonders if Owen will team with Backlund to take on the Smoking Gunns as the announcers now talk about Owen manipulating his parents into throwing in the towel on Bret. Scott uses a hip toss then a dropkick and fires away in the corner. Owen reverses an Irish whip and catches Scott with a belly-to-belly before the Sharpshooter gets the win (2:44). Vince then plugs the WrestleMania XI press conference and LT’s appearance on RAW.

Thoughts: Some hype for the Action Zone featured match along with talk that Backlund could in fact be Owen’s partner as they seek Tag Team Title gold.


Another Live Event News. We hear about the Fan Festival prior to WrestleMania along with another plug for the WrestleMania XI press conference as Diesel cuts a goofy promo about being there.


Final Thoughts: The Battle Royal took up most of the show and besides that the main goal was plugging RAW and the WM XI press conference. And next week we will see what was announced at the press conference then start building the rest of the WM card.