What if Hogan wrestled Austin at Mania X-8?

I just watched Hogan/Rock for the first time in a while and was wondering what the atmosphere would have been like, if it were Stone Cold instead of the Rock. 

I dont see them booing Austin, but I do still see them cheering for Hogan the way did did against Rock. 

Would it have had the Warrior/Hogan, “cheer for both” they did at Mania 6?

Theres no way Austin would have gotten  the reaction Rock did, right?

Probably not, but then that match would have been such a flaming trainwreck anyway.  The problem might have also been that Hogan wouldn't have gotten the reaction he did, because Austin might have gobbled him up and wouldn't have wanted to work the style of match Rock did there.  I think the reaction would have ended up akin to Hogan's later matches in 2002, where the crowd likes him but doesn't view him as a top level star.