Good Saturday sir,

So following off the “Goodfellas-Shawshank” topic, I was wondering if you had any favorite Martin Scorsese movies, since the man's had so many classics (Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino), underappreciated gems (Mean Streets, Bringing Out the Dead), out-of-left-field choices (Last Temptation of Christ, Silence) and even a comedy here and there (After Hours, Wolf of Wall Street). His body of work is really unparalleled in comparison with most directors, I feel.

Anyway, have a good weekend and thanks for all the years of good work.

Sure, I love Casino, although I readily admit that the movie certainly has some flaws.  Mean Streets is definitely underappreciated.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the world being in lockdown for a time actually gave me a chance to sit down and watch The Irishman on Netflix, and that ended up being a fascinating movie as well.  So weird that we waited decades with no real interaction between Deniro and Pacino and then, bam, here's this movie where they spent 3.5 hours playing best friends.  I thought it was really good, but it's more of a Hoffa biopic than the “Forrest Gump in the mafia” deal that was pitched leading up to it.  Which is still OK, but I don't really have any familiarity with Hoffa because his celebrity had long passed by the time I was old enough to know who he was.