ECW TV Reviews

Hey Scott,

Just wondering why you stopped the ECW tv reviews, you did up to N2R 94 and then stopped. But picked up again in 99.

You do say how well they were doing on the blog and you seemed to be enjoying it (just about). And I’ve now got to that point in my watching, having got through some god awful EasternCW shows.

The 99 shows did well to start and then completely fell off a cliff.  Probably because the shows weren’t going anywhere plot wise.  The Raven and Dreamer stuff was dragging on and ON and never paid off, for example.  
94/95 was a tough show to review.  The weird manic style and promo-heavy format didn’t lend itself well to what I do.  99 was at least more of a “normal” TV show format.  I didn’t feel like there was overwhelming demand for either one, to be honest.  I’m happy to start up again if people really want it, but much like Mid South and Mid Atlantic it just felt like I wasn’t getting much return on investment of my time.