Attitude Era?

Hello Scott.

Recently I have been annoyed, if not surprised, that WWE are now
claiming the Curtain Call as being the start of ‘the Attitude Era’. And
the Attitude Era apparently ended when Vince cut his infamous “Ruthless
Aggression” promo in 2002, burying most of the roster at the time.

Personally, I NEVER felt like Salvatore Sincere, Who?, TL Hopper and The
Goon were part of the Attitude Era. Likewise, The InVasion never had
anything to do with the Attitude Era for me.

What do you think were the rough “beginning” and “end” points? In my
opinion, it pretty much started with Austin stunning Vince McMahon(not
yet MISTER McMahon) in 1997, and died in an instant at the end of
SummerSlam 1998, when HHHH did the boring beat down on Stone Cold after
the main event was ever. That one scene, of Triple-H destroying Austin
signified that Everything Had Changed, and this was what we were getting
from now on.

As far as I’m concerned.. Kurt Angle, The Dudley Boyz, Tazz, The
Radicalz…none of them ever worked for the WWF main roster in the
Attitude Era.

What do you think ae the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ events for the WWF Attitude



Not sure what you mean by “Summerslam 98” there.  The Attitude Era is pretty clear cut, actually.  It started when Vince McMahon gave his speech about “good guys and bad guys” and ended at Wrestlemania X-7 when Austin turned heel.