WWF Monday Night RAW – February 20th, 1995

February 20, 1995

From the Macon Coliseum in Macon, GA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette

Tonight, Diesel defends the World Title against Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels reveals his new bodyguard, and Bam Bam Bigelow returns to action after his 30 day suspension.


We hear from both Jeff Jarrett and Diesel hyping up tonight’s match.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Gary Sabaugh

We get a split screen showing clips of the Bigelow/Lawrence Taylor saga. Sabaugh grounds Bigelow a few times as Cornette says there will be trouble tonight. We get some LT chants as Vince says Sabaugh was a two-time AAU champion in Michigan, prompting Cornette to make a joke about Sabaugh being a spaghetti eating champion. Bigelow drops Sabaugh with an enziguiri then hammers away in the corner. Cornette accuses LT of laughing in Bigelow’s face as Bigelow cuts off a comeback then applies a chin lock. Sabaugh fights back but runs into a dropkick. Bigelow then hits a DDT and heads up top with a flying headbutt for the win (3:54). After the match, DiBiase hands Bigelow the mic. DiBiase calls out LT for hiding behind his agent and lawyer. Bigelow also says that LT is a punk and will take him any time, any place as Cornette says he can smell a lawsuit and tells Vince he can get Colin Ferguson to represent the WWF.

Thoughts: The story here was that Bigelow was rusty in his first match since the suspension but he got the win and after the match called out LT once again and becomes more insulting.


Adam Bomb vs. Rip Rogers

Rogers, who was nearly a 20 year veteran at this point, is making what I believe was his first appearance in the WWF. Cornette says that Rogers is the #1 citizen of Seymour, IN as opposed to John Mellencamp. Rogers yells at the crowd to “shut up” then shoves Bomb, only to get shoved back. Rogers then bounces off of Bomb and the two trade arm wringers as the announcers talk about Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. Bomb takes Rogers over with a hip toss then uses a scoop slam as Cornette says that Bomb needs some guidance and to stop listening to the fans. Bomb sends Rogers outside with a dropkick then flies out with a pescado. Rogers attacks Bomb back in the ring but Bomb pumps up after getting kicked as this crowd stays silent. Bomb hammers away in the corner then hits a back suplex before the flying clothesline gets the win (3:25).

Thoughts: Bomb was trying to get the fans engaged here but they did not care at all. The announcers talked up the announcement of Shawn’s bodyguard.


We see a clip of Bret Hart winning the “Award of the People” this past weekend on “Superstars.”


King’s Court with guest Shawn Michaels. Before bringing out Shawn, Lawler calls out Bret for winning the award and accuses WWF Magazine for excluding votes from the Japanese fans then says that Bret is a racist. Shawn comes out and Vince wants to know where is bodyguard is as Cornette says maybe Shawn will give him a grand entrance. Shawn then says he is about to blow the lid off of the WWF but first talks about being a marked man since winning the Royal Rumble. Shawn then puts over his looks, talking, and god-giving ability which makes all other WWF superstars envious. Shawn said he can beat anyone 1-on-1 but cannot beat everyone at the same time and for that reason he found it necessary to get a man to watch his back. Shawn then introduces his new bodyguard and its “Sid” as we see the former Sid Justice, who Cornette keeps saying is a psycho. Sid then says he sat down with Shawn and had a talk as Sid says he has no feelings or remorse for any living soul as Shawn smiles. Sid then said when times are good and bad he will be by Shawn’s side as he promised Shawn there will be no bad times. Sid then says together with Shawn they will rule the world because he is the man they call Sid. This was a great reveal to be honest. Sid can talk and look menacing as good as any big man in wrestling, making him a great choice as a bodyguard. And his return had been talked up as being imminent dating back to the late ’94 and they also said he would be Shawn’s bodyguard a week or two before the show. According to Sid in his shoot interview with RF Video, Sid said he was brought in after Vince called him up and wanted him to get Diesel over. In the 95 WWE Timeline, Nash said that Shawn and himself convinced Vince to use Sid in this role and they all had a meeting in the weight room at Titan Towers where Vince agreed and told Diesel & Shawn that Sid would be their problem.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. Leroy Howard & Mark Starr

The Blu’s are apparently afraid of the lighting effects and have Zebekiah drag them to the ring. They immediately attack their opponents and send Starr outside. The Blu’s beat on Howard in the corner as the announcers do a bit where they cannot tell the Blu’s apart then we go split screen with Todd Pettengill, who is in WWF Studios. Pettengill said they just got off the phone and found out that LT himself will be on RAW next week to respond to Bigelow’s challenge. The Blu’s now beat on Starr as Cornette said the Blu’s are near the “Smoky Mountains” as the Blu’s stay in control. The announcers talk more about the Smoky Mountains as Cornette said they cook things there instead of eating raw food in the Appalachias then the Blu’s use a spinebuster/leg drop combo for the win (4:25). After the match, the Blu’s look confused into the camera.

Thoughts: They are now portraying the Blu’s as savages from the Appalachians who are terrified and confused by technology. Really effective stuff. The announcers spent a lot of time talking about them facing The Headshrinkers as those two are paired up on the house show circuit.


A clip of Diesel taking part of NBA All-Star Weekend. We see him at various events with celebrities and athletes. Diesel telling the story about that and how the WWF called too late to reserve a limo for him, blaming Lisa Wolf, on the 1995 WWE Timeline for Kayfabe Commentaries was funny.


WWF World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie vs. Diesel (c)

Jarrett charges but gets kneed as Diesel now hammers away in the corner. Diesel clotheslines Jarrett then attacks the neck before sending Jarrett over the top rope with another clothesline. Cornette talks about a shorter match favoring Diesel with a longer match favoring Jarrett, the smaller guy with more stamina. Back inside, Diesel tosses Jarrett in the corner and chokes him out with his foot. Jarrett floats over in the corner and uses a few shoulder thrusts but Diesel blocks an Irish whip and tosses him out of the corner. Jarrett escapes from a snake eyes attempt and uses mounted punches in the corner. Roadie tries to attack Diesel behind the ref’s back but gets send into the post then Jarrett is tossed outside on top of Roadie. Cornette says that Diesel will not be able to keep up this pace as Jarrett calls for timeout while laying on the apron. Roadie grabs Jarrett’s arm but Diesel pulls them both into the ring. Roadie rolls outside as Diesel works the arm then we go to commercial. The match returns with Roadie distracting Diesel, allowing Jarrett to knock him out of the ring. Roadie takes Diesel out with a clothesline from the apron then Jarrett sends Diesel into the post as Cornette brings up Diesel admitting he has had nine knee surgeries. Jarrett struts in the ring then rolls out and hammers away. Back inside, Jarrett gets two with a flying clothesline. Jarrett yells at the crowd after a swinging neckbreaker then chokes out Diesel on the middle rope. A flying bulldog gets two then Jarrett yells at the ref before heading up top. Jarrett hits a crossbody for two as Diesel powers out of the pin. Diesel then catches Jarrett with a side slam and fires away. Diesel hits the snake eyes then a big boot then signals for the Jackknife. He picks up Jarrett and hits it then covers for the win (8:07 shown) **1/2. After the match, Roadie gets in and charges but eats a big boot then gets hit with a Jackknife. Jarrett drags Roadie to safety as Diesel celebrates in the ring. However, we now see Shawn & “Psycho Sid” in the aisle. They stare at Diesel, who smiles, then poses with the belt.

Thoughts: Solid match and a good way to put Diesel over but after all of the talk about Diesel’s knee surgeries and Jarrett’s figure four they never had Jarrett work the leg. We also had Shawn & Sid stare down Diesel at the end they make it clearer each show that Shawn vs. Diesel will be the World Title match at WrestleMania.


The hosts now put over the show and how LT will be here next week. Shawn & Sid are now back out as Cornette says that Sid concerns him and makes a “Psycho” reference. Shawn & Sid now head down as Cornette interviews them. Shawn said Sid is nuts and that is why he’s by his side. Shawn then said Sid can do more than fill Diesel’s shoes, he has someone that can knock him out of his shoes. According to Sid, he was given the “psycho” nickname as a rib due to the scissors incident with Arn Anderson.


We also learn that besides LT appearing next week we will have Lex Luger vs. Tatanka for next week. After that we get a video package on the Luger/Tatanka feud and learn that Chief Jay Strongbow will be in Luger’s corner on the 100th episode of RAW.


Final Thoughts: A newsworthy edition of RAW tonight. Sid returned and the title match was solid. Next week’s big selling point was LT appearing and they also plugged Luger vs. Tatanka, unfortunately, as those two have had awful matches for months. Anyway, the top of the card at WrestleMania is becoming clearer and will become even more so after next Monday night.