WWF Action Zone – February 19th, 1995


February 19. 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

We get a hype video for today’s featured match of British Bulldog vs. Bob Backlund


Bob Backlund w/ Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog w/ Bret Hart

This match took place at the 1/25 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Ft. Myers, FL. Bulldog immediately decks Owen before beating on Backlund. Ross refers to Backlund as “Forrest Gump” here as Bulldog applies a chin lock, which Pettengill says could be the British version of the chicken wing and you can just about hear Ross sigh after Pettengill’s comment. We get more chin lock action then see Owen look underneath the ring. Backlund escapes and goes for the crossfacce but Bulldog counters and works a side headlock on the mat. Backlund finally escapes then uses a boot scrape and makes some crazy faces. Backlund works the arm as we go to break then the match returns with Backlund still going after the arm. Bulldog goes to the ropes to break a crossface then uses a sunset flip for two. Owen now pulls out a case from underneath the ring as Backlund works an armbar on the mat. Backlund misses a charge in the corner and rams his shoulder into the post and now Bulldog takes over. Bulldog hits a vertical suplex for a two count then Bret yells at Owen and gets taunted. Bulldog punches away as we see Bret chase Owen around the ring until he trips over the case. Owen stomps away then Bulldog hits Backlund with the running powerslam but stops and watches Owen beat on Bret. Backlund then sneaks up from behind and puts on the crossface chicken wing Owen jumps up and down in excitement but Bret gets up and attacks Backlund for the DQ (14:02) *. Owen & Backlund head up the aisle as several officials hold Bret back from attacking again.

Thoughts: An incredibly dull match with a lame finish you could see coming a mile away but as soon as this match was announced there was shenanigans to be expected and it was likely this was going to lead to a tag match so lets see if that was the case.


Adam Bomb defeats Sonny Pruitt in a match first shown on the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get an ad hyping RAW this Monday night. Ross notes it will be live from Macon, GA.


Jeff Jarrett defeats Leroy Howard in a match first shown on the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” We have President Bill Clinton call in for this match as Ross says he is a big fan. The impression is quite poor and the segment lacked wit, two things I bet you are shocked to hear.


We see a clip of Lex Luger at the Health South Sports Council. There were other major sports stars there as well.


Men on a Mission defeat Barry Horowitz & David Sierra in a match first shown on the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The WWF ad with Diesel about how the wrestlers still care about their fans airs.


Shawn Michaels’ interview from the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge” airs.


Bob Holly defeats Bob Cook in a match first shown on the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” .We also heard from Chief Jay Strongbow as he talked about getting attacked by Tatanka last week. He sounded half awake here.


Bob Backlund & Owen Hart both say they’ve had it with Bret & Bulldog and promises to take care of them next week. Predictably, we do in fact get a tag match for next week.


Henry Godwinn defeats Jim Tilquist in a match first shown on the 2/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The show closes with the Diesel music video.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was incredibly boring but it does lead to a tag match next week while the rest of the show featured a few different twists to squash matches that were first seen on Wrestling Challenge as this is clearly the #3 show behind RAW and Superstars at the moment.