What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – April 29, 1995

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are in the booth and they are broadcasting from WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown interviews Scott Studd, who argues that USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee will not give him a title shot.  Lee walks out and says Studd does not deserve one.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Scott Studd (14-7-2) beats Brian Lee (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion w/Jimmy Harris) (6-0-1) via count out at 3:33:

In this quick television match, Lee’s in-ring woes continue as he works very methodically against Studd.  A blind charge by Studd results in Lee using a Flair pin to get the initial win, but Studd convinces the referee that Lee used the ropes for leverage, so the match is restarted.  Lee refuses to participate in the restarted match and is counted out.  This finish did nothing for either guy because Studd never got a rematch for the title on Monday night in Memphis.  Rating:  *

Brown interviews PG-13.  They claim that they will regain the USWA tag team titles at the Mid-South Coliseum this week from the Gambler and Brickhouse Brown.

PG-13 (15-9-1) beat the Hickersons when J.C. Ice pins Lee after a double bulldog at 4:12:

The Hickersons have a nice outing here, but the USWA only uses them as a jobber tag team.  During the match, the Gambler and Brown let the commentators know that PG-13 cannot beat them.  Their appearance also hurts the camera work because it keeps going back and forth between the announce table and the ring.  After Wolfie D is worked over for a while, Ice gets the hot tag and PG-13 finish the Hickersons with a double bulldog.

After the match, PG-13 feign a confrontation with the Gambler and Brown.

Dave Brown interviews Doug Gilbert, who gives a good promo about how he hates Brian Christopher and wants to end his career.

Doug Gilbert (1-1-1) pins T.D. Steel after a piledriver at 1:16:

Gilbert is going to have to reinvent himself in a singles role now that Tommy Rich has left the promotion.  He attacks Steel before the bell and in a nice spot, he gets the referee distracted by something in the crowd and piledrives Steel behind his back for the victory.

Downtown Bruno and Uptown Karen drop by to talk with Russell.  Bruno becomes the latest talent to spout conspiracy theories about the USWA, triggering a Miss Texas appearance.  Texas says she will have PG-13 in her corner in Memphis to offset Bruno being with Karen.

Dave Brown talks with Brian Christopher, who cannot wait to face Gilbert.

Brian Christopher (18-8-2) beats Brickhouse Brown via disqualification when the Gambler interferes at 3:44:

Christopher and Brown work at a great pace, going back and forth and move for move.  Brown falls victim to a superkick, but Christopher pulls him up at two.  Before this good match can continue, the Gambler runs in for the lame disqualification that is a staple of USWA television.  Rating:  **

After the match, Doug Gilbert, Brown, and the Gambler beat on Christopher and Gilbert tries to poke Christopher’s eye out with scissors.  However, PG-13 make the save before this happens and the USWA is kicked off television on a permanent basis.

Two-out-of-Three Falls Match:  Jerry Lawler (6-3) defeats Gorgeous George III (8-7-1) in two falls after a schoolboy roll up at 6:15:

Any dreams George has of a push at the upper tier of the card are checked in this bout, with Lawler sweeping him in a two-out-of-three falls match.  The King uses a sunset flip out of nowhere for the first fall and then Downtown Bruno waltzes down to the ring so he can pass George a foreign object.  They trade it back and forth to avoid detection from the referee – not doing much else for the match – and when George finally uses it Miss Texas interrupts the count and Lawler uses the distraction to schoolboy his opponent for the win.  Why this was two-out-of-three falls to begin with is a mystery.  Rating:  ¾*

Following the match, Bruno tells Dave Brown that he is angry at Miss Texas for interfering.

The Last Word:  The Downtown Bruno character is getting too much play.  The segments with Miss Texas every week are the low point of the show and none of Bruno’s promos to this point have been any good.  This show would have been better served giving Brian Christopher and Brickhouse Brown the main event slot, giving them more time, and then having Gilbert do his attack to setup the big event in Memphis.

Here were the results of the May 1 show at the Memphis Coliseum.  Attendance increased, with 2,000 fans paying for a gate of $12,000.  The results of the show are courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-David Haskins (5-0-1) wrestled Johnny Rotten to a ten-minute time limit draw

-Scott Studd (15-7-2) beat Gorgeous George III (8-8-1) at 8:49

-USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas (7-3) beat Uptown Karen (1-1) in a street fight

-PG-13 (16-9-1) defeated USWA Tag Team Champions the Gambler & Brickhouse Brown (2-2) when J.C. Ice pinned the Gambler to win the titles.

-Brian Christopher (19-8-2) beat Doug Gilbert (2-1-1) at 9:37

-Bill Dundee (11-7) defeated USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee (6-1-1) via disqualification at 4:37

-Jerry Lawler (7-3) beat USWA Unified World Champion Razor Ramon (1-0) with a schoolboy roll up at 7:45 to win the title

-Jerry Lawler & Sid Vicious (1-0) beat Razor Ramon & Brian Lee at 10:54

Backstage News*:        The big gate at the recent Memphis show is being credit to Sid’s appearance because Razor Ramon did not draw a large house when he faced Bill Dundee a month prior.  The main event was built up on the Memphis version of television on April 29 when a twelve-year-old kid with Downs Syndrome, reported to be a neighbor of Sid, was dressed up like a cowboy and did an interview before Lee interrupted and that triggered interactions between Sid, Jerry Lawler, Ramon, and Brian Lee.  Ramon worked the weekly spot show loop, which was headlined by the tag match that took place in Memphis.

*In talent relations news, WCW will be sending Barry Houston to the promotion.  They thought of sending Paul Wight as well but ultimately decided against it.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for May 8.

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