They own the copyrights and XPW

Hello again. Just something for you to muse on if you wish.

WWE just dug In Your House of all things out of the closet. As Jim Ross famously said, they own the copyrights. So why doesn't WWE take more advantage of their old copyrights more often? 

Obviously they shouldn't try what they did with Hall and Nash again, but they did Rock and Wrestling without the actual talent and that seemingly turned out ok. Do the the WWE not see much value in those old trademarks past the random tshirts, toys, and the yearly video game appearances?

On another note, Wikipedia list that the WWE bought the rights to XPW of all things. Any truth in that?
Got me.  They buy a LOT of tape libraries and promotional rights just so that no one else can have them.  And yeah, it's constantly frustrating that they own all this stuff like Halloween Havoc and Starrcade and never do anything of note with it outside of occasionally putting out merch or an hour-long Network special.