Star Makers

Hey Scott, hope you are well. I was looking through WWE roster and do you see someone that is a star maker? I don't see anyone on the roster who makes others look great and boost a career. I am talking about a wrestler like Cactus Jack who made guys by selling, and making guys look great. I feel Cactus took guys like Triple H, Rock, Edge, and Randy, and took their careers to the next level by making them look good matches. I even think he gave the Undertaker a boost. 

I feel that hurts the WWE. Its hard to have a superstar when you don't have talent to take them to the next level.

No one ever laid down to make HHH a star.  He said so.

I think maybe Kevin Owens could be that guy, but he's been cut off at the knees so many times that it won't mean that much.  Chris Jericho used to be the guy, but now he's making stars in AEW instead just by insulting them on commentary.