Friday Night Party Thread: June 12, 2020

Tonight!  It’s the GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH OF ALL TIME as AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan compete to see who will win the vacant Interc…

(assistant runs in with a note)

…wait, they’re promoting WHAT as the Best Wrestling Match Ever?  Really?

Anyway, the Black Lives Matter mixtape has in fact been uploaded to IWTV, and yours truly will spend time reviewing it.  I hope to have it up this weekend so you can learn about some new favorites that Vince will refuse to hire because he thinks they’re all Shelton Benjamin.

In personal good news: Virginia and Maryland’s curves continue to go downward despite opening, which means in a few weeks if trends don’t reverse drastically, I’ll be back in the ring to train!

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules in the back.  Pay attention to the mods’ instructions at all times.  I want a good, clean thread.  So touch gloves, go to your corners six feet away from others, and come out typing!

Enjoy the weekend!