Why not form a guild?

Hi Scott,

Just curious if you think a wrestlers guild would work?  I know there has been talk for years about forming a union, but unions are for employees, guilds are for independent contractors.

Using the basic setup of the Screen Actors Guild it would allow talent to get benefits for their family through the guild and also certification that they are indeed “trained” to be a professional wrestler.

To me it is the middle ground between nothing and a union. It establishes minimum work rates based on guild member status but it doesn’t mean you can’t make more than your peers or not get fired.  We hear stories all the time about actors being fired for being a bad fit for a role or being an ass.

Do you think wrestlers are too paranoid and promoters are too anti-labor to ever let a guild happen, or is it the issue of wrestlers wanting to be recognized as an employee?

Thanks, Brian

Never happen in any form.  The moment guys organize there's another group of guys who will turn around and stooge them out to Vince.  As we've noted a few times, the guys who benefit the most from unions don't have the power to make it happen, and the guys who have the power already get all the benefits anyway and have no incentive.