Cody Ending Dynamite

Love AEW Dynamite.

Really enjoy a different company being on the tv and they seem like a breath of fresh air.
They have had occasional hiccups but try to fix most of them (except dark order but ehhhh)

But the last two weeks ending with the TNT title has killed the last 20 minutes for me.
Jungle Boy who I like was fodder as was Maq Quen who I also like.

Isn’t there a world champion?

If I’m alone then whatever. And the crowds loved Cody but the empty arena shows don’t seem to work for this now.

Minor grip and as always they will refine.

What say you?

I know they’re trying to establish the belt, but I’d prefer they flip things around and have the TNT title defense either open the show or headline the first hour.  Just doesn’t feel like a big enough deal yet where I need to stay until the end as a fan.  Either that or get to bigger matchups soon.