WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 19th, 1995


February 19, 1995

From the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase


Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie vs. Leroy Howard

DiBiase harkens back to last week when Gorilla walked out on him during his speech about Lawrence Taylor being a coward. The announcers hype up Jarrett’s World Title match on RAW against Diesel then DiBiase pulls out the urn he stole from the Undertaker. Before the match, Jarrett spells out his name and vows to become World Champion. Jarrett struts after knocking down Howard as the announcers reference Diesel’s interview on RAW where he talked about having nine knee surgeries. Jarrett stays in control and taunts the crowd but Howard fights back. Howard heads up top and Jarrett cuts him off then uses a superplex then puts him away with the figure-four leg lock (3:20).

Thoughts: A win to give Jarrett momentum heading into his title match against Diesel on Monday night. The announcers also spent time discussing Diesel’s knee injury history which makes sense given what we saw Bret and Owen do in matches and the fact Jarrett uses a figure-four as his finisher.


We get a package on the Bigelow/LT saga.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Bob Cook

Holly avoids a charge and takes Cook down with the arm drag as DiBiase talks about the Bigelow/LT stuff. DiBiase puts over how Bigelow’s suspension ends Monday night and he will be on RAW as Cook drills Holly with a knee smash. Gorilla says that Holly will be racing as part of the Slim Jim All-Pro Series next month as Cook now kicks Holly in the corner. Cook now applies a headlock but Holly escapes and fights back. Holly then slams Cook before putting him away with a flying elbow drop (2:40).

Thoughts: The mentioned Holly’s next race but most of the focus on


WWF Live Event News with Tamara Murphy. We hear from Undertaker & Paul Bearer to hype up the match against Bam Bam Bigelow as part of the “in High Gear” tour.


A replay of Bret Hart accepting his people’s “Award of the People” from WWF Magazine.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Bill Weaver & Tyrone Knox

Gorilla talks about Cornette being a capable manager and notes how he brought Yokozuna to the title. Prichard works over Knox to start. The announcers talk about the Smoking Gunns as DiBiase said they should have thanked Bigelow & Tatanka for costing themselves the titles. The Bodies remain in control as Gorilla asks DiBiase where IRS has been. He was on RAW less than two weeks ago. Weaver tags and uses a snap suplex but then gets pancaked and after that the powerbomb/moonsault combo gets the win (2:54). Gorilla then says that Jacob & Eli Blue are licking their chops to face a team like The Bodies.

Thoughts: They talked about the Tag Division here and based on the results of the Tag Title match from “Superstars” as it seems Jacob & Eli Blue are going to get some sort of push within the division. Also of note, Gorilla mentioned Yokozuna here and he has not been heard from in months and usually that is a sign of a return.


Rickey Medlocke, singer and lead guitar player of “Blackfoot” and Ft. Myers resident, is the special guest ring announcer. He also performed at last year’s  King of the Ring PPV.


Adam Bomb vs. Sonny Pruitt

DiBiase laughs over Bomb losing to Shawn Michaels last week on “Superstars.” Bomb knocks over Pruitt then takes him over with a hip toss. Pruitt begs for mercy in the corner as the announcers talk about Diesel possibly facing Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Bomb then hits a flying clothesline for the win as DiBiase brings up how Bomb is part of the battle royal on “Superstars.”

Thoughts: Mostly talk about Diesel vs. Shawn possibly being at WrestleMania, which will likely become official after RAW as I do not think anyone on the planet believes Jarrett will win the World Title.


We then get an ad where Diesel rejects an offer from a seedy person and is then shown signing autographs for kids, even refusing money, as the voiceover says that the WWF still cares about their fans. Quite the ad here.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Shawn Michaels out to the ring. Shawn talks about being the first person to draw #1 in the Royal Rumble and win the match. Shawn said this prove what he has always known and that he’s the “finest human specimen” in the WWF today. Raymond then asks why he needs a bodyguard as Shawn says since winning the Rumble his popularity has skyrocketed and has sporting Pamela Anderson on his arm and they are unable to go anywhere then says the WWF reeks of jealously. Shawn said he has found a man to watch him back and that will not turn on him like his last bodyguard as he promises us a big surprise this Monday night. Shawn closes by saying nothing will stand in his way of becoming champion as Gorilla wants DiBiase to reveal the new bodyguard but DiBiase says “not a chance.” Solid interview as they are really selling on an important reveal as Shawn’s bodyguard.


Back from break as we have Gorilla telling DiBiase to reveal Shawn’s bodyguard but DiBiase refuses and claims to not know as he just hopes the new bodyguard is better than Diesel.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Barry Horowitz & David Sierra

Mo catches Horowitz with a slam then hits a few arm drags. We now hear from Owen Hart in an insert promo upset over MoM getting a Tag Team Title shot and not himself as he says he can find a partner. Mo is in and beats on Sierra then catches him with a sidewalk slam before MoM uses an Avalanche/thrust kick for the win (2:48).

Thoughts: First, we learn that MoM will get a title shot. Also, Owen is now upset over being passed over and no longer has a partner. It was never specified as to why Jim Neidhart was gone but he was fired. And Owen did cut a promo promising to win all the titles and failed at two of them so now is gunning for the Tag Titles.


We get an ad of surgeon’s anxiously awaiting RAW before tending to their patient.


Henry Godwinn vs. Jim Tilquist

Tilquist would later go on to become Big Til of Phi Delta Slam fame. We get a closeup of the slop bucket contents as DiBiase puts over Godwinn’s performance against Undertaker two weeks ago. Tilquist bounces off of Godwinn then ends up getting clotheslined. Godwinn itches himself on the ropes then catches Tilquist with a boot to the face. Godwinn continues to rough up Tilquist until he finally puts him away with the Slop Drop (2:16).

Thoughts: Godwinn keeps racking up squash match wins but does not appear to be involved in any plans.


WWF Live Event News once again plugging the “In High Gear” tour.


We get a hype video for Bob Backlund vs. British Bulldog on the “Action Zone.”


A clip of Bret on the “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” as we see Bret drawing cartoons and home with his kids and wife.


Next week in action are the British Bulldog, King Kong Bundy, Duke Droese, and Kama.


The show ends with DiBiase shaking the urn.


Final Thoughts: At least we got an exclusive interview with Shawn, which is about the best you can hope for out of this show. The commentary here was also much better than it has been for months as they hinted towards stuff and we no longer had Gorilla do his dated shtick with DiBiase. Anyway, they spent most of the time hyping RAW so expect the fallout from that show to be addressed next week.