What if Hall and Nash never leave?

Hey Scott,

here's a “What if…? for the blog. If it's been discussed before, feel free to ignore it, of course.

What if Hall and Nash never leave in May 1996? Let's say they come to an agreement with Vince and sign new 5-year deals through Spring 2001.
How does the NWO angle go down without their involvement and impetus?
And with the Cliq still together in WWF, does the rise of Austin, Foley etc. happen?
Does the Attitude Era come to fruition?
Does WCW go out of business earlier without the NWO?
And what does the “alternate reality” Wrestlemania X-Seven card look like?

The nWo definitely doesn't happen because it was based on the idea of Hall and Nash coming in as invaders.  Probably they would just keep rolling with Hogan v. Dungeon of Doom type of ideas over and over.  As for the WWF side, I'm not exactly sure where they'd fit.  Nash was getting really over again with the Shawn Michaels feud before he left, so Diesel might have had another title reign in him.  Probably we'd up with a weird alternate reality where D-X became the dominating force and a bunch of guys jumped to WCW to get away from them.