The Wednesday Night Double Feature: June 10, 2020

STAND ASIDE, SCOTT!  I don’t mean to steal your thunder, but in 45 minutes AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT start, and I am excited because of a note my trainer left in our Facebook group.  See, usually Wednesdays are for training.  But when someone asked about if it was happening this week, the trainer replied: “Us vs Jurassic…. that’s our training this week”.


Now I have no idea if it’s Dynamite or Dark.  But I get a feeling he does.

Tommy has his review of the Live Sex Celebration Raw up.  Hoo boy, talk about ideas overdue for WrestleCrap.

Bayless is putting up his journey through 1995.

And Scott will stop by to drop off his more unusual mail.  Expect full reviews up when both shows are done.  AEW first, though.  A show before B show.  Now, pick a side and LET’S GET WATCHING!