Orton criticizing Ciampa

What do you make of Randy Orton calling out Tommaso Chiampa on Twitter about his NXT Takeover match & use of leg slaps? Seems like a highly unprofessional thing to do, for multiple reasons. 

Wow, is this what wrestling has sunk to in the empty arena era, where guys on beefing on Twitter over LEG SLAPS?  It's dumb on Orton's part and doesn't even make sense within the context of a storyline.  So, like, the “real” Randall Keith Orton is criticizing another wrestler for being too fake?  Is this gonna lead to an MMA fight between them or something?  Is Ciampa supposed to fire back with a spicy tweet about how Orton stomps the mat when he delivers forearms?  We need crowds back again ASAP, someone tell Linda to buy the Florida governor a new pool.