Dynamite – June 10, 2020

Date: June 10, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Chris Jericho

We’re still in Jacksonville and this time around we’re going to be seeing the TNT Title on the line again, as Cody defends against Marq Quen. Other than that the countdown is on until Fyter Fest with the big showdown between Jon Moxley and Brian cage for the World Title. That has gone well so far so hopefully it does again. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Chris Jericho joins commentary.

FTR vs. Butcher and the Blade

It’s FTR’s (the Revival, who drive their truck to the ring) debut and Dax Harwood (Scott Dawson) takes Blade into the corner to start. A headlock on the mat has Blade in trouble and Harwood small packages him for two. The headlock takeover puts Blade down again and it’s off to Cash Wheeler (Dash Wilder) to work on the arm. Hardwood’s northern lights suplex gets two and it’s a four way standoff.

The fans get behind FTR and we settle down to Wheeler vs. Butcher. Wheeler bangs his shoulder but it’s some goldbricking to set up a cradle for two. Butcher gets in some choking in the corner and Blade knocks him down for a bonus. After Harwood is knocked off the apron, Wheeler gets in a powerslam and the hot tag brings Harwood in. Everything breaks down and it’s a brainbuster to Blade.

A double hanging DDT plants Butcher and it’s a Power Plex for two. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are watching from the crowd (with Shawn Spears watching Tully) as Butcher takes Harwood down. Wheeler makes a save and the Goodnight Express (Shatter Machine, though a really bad looking one) sets up the Mind Breaker (spike piledriver) for the pin on Blade at 10:20.

Rating: C+. The Shatter Machine botch (not FTR’s fault) was a problem but they made a rather nice debut. They looked as polished as you can look out there and they beat up a midcard(ish) tag team. It’s a good debut and they didn’t overstay their welcome, plus the spike piledriver can be a big time finisher when necessary. Not too bad at all.

Post match the Young Bucks come out to say FTR haven’t introduced themselves. They’re the Young Bucks and they’ve been carrying tag team wrestling for the last fifteen years. They’re the best tag team in AEW….and here are Butcher and Blade, Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc to jump the Bucks and FTR. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (with drink) make the save.

The Natural Nightmares are getting a Tag Team Title shot next week but Brandi Rhodes isn’t happy with Allie wearing a Rhodes family jacket. Dustin Rhodes tells QT Marshall to get his head in the game because next week Allie won’t be at ringside.

Penelope Ford/Nyla Rose vs. Kris Stadtlander/Hikaru Shida

Nyla jumps Stadtlander from behind to start and the brawl is on in a hurry. Stadtlander ducks a double clothesline and sends Rose into Ford but Rose blasts her with a clothesline. Back from a break with Stadtlander fighting out of a chinlock and taking Rose down. It’s off to Shida to kick Ford in the corner, setting up a running knee for a bonus. A suplex drops Ford as JR gets in a quick tribute to Mr. Wrestling II.

Ford counters a suplex with a knee to Stadtlander’s head for two but Stadtlander kicks Rose down. Ford is back with a Stunner, so Shida drops Ford and hits her with a superplex. Stadtlander’s ax kick gets two on Rose, who is back up to drape both of them over the top. A top rope knee to both of their backs drops them but Stadtlander pulls Ford off the ropes. Shida’s running knee sends Rose to the floor and now the Falcon Arrow gets two on Ford. Kip Sabian grabs Shida’s leg though, allowing Ford to get in a belt shot. The fisherman’s suplex pins Shida at 10:00.

Rating: C. That should set up Ford as the #1 contender and that’s not a bad way for Shida to get in her first title defense. Everyone was working hard in there and some of the near falls worked rather well. The women’s division has gotten a lot better in recent months and developing people like Ford is something that is going to help them out a good bit.

Darby Allin is hanging out with Tony Hawk and tries to skateboard off of a ladder.

Britt Baker talks about her existence making her a role model. She doesn’t like Big Swole’s struggles because Baker has more struggles than anyone. Like that time where she had an unexpected biology exam and had to ace it. These things continue to be great.

Santana and Ortiz/Jake Hager vs. Best Friends/Orange Cassidy

The Inner Circle jumps them to start and Hager throws Cassidy up the ramp. Hager heads back to the ring as Trent is beaten up, leaving Cassidy to roll back to the ring. Trent snaps off a suplex to take Santana down so here’s Ortiz to hammer him down again. A quick tag brings in Chuck for Soul Food into the German suplex. Everything breaks down and Chuck gets caught in the corner, with a Vader Bomb crushing him for two. Back from a break with Trent low bridging Santana to the floor and tornado DDTing Ortiz.

Cassidy gets the hot tag for the slow motion kicks to Hager and a double hurricanrana to Santana and Ortiz. A suicide dive sends Hager over the barricade and a big tornado DDT plants Ortiz. Hager hits a powerslam to cut Cassidy off with Trent and Chuck making the save. A heck of a cannonball hits Cassidy (Jericho: “Do you know what cannonball is in Spanish Excalibur?” Excalibur: “No I don’t. What is it?” Jericho: “I don’t know.”) but the Street Sweeper is broken up. Cassidy’s crucifix finishes Santana at 10:13.

Rating: C+. Dang I could go for something a little more serious for Santana and Ortiz, who are one of the best teams in the company today. Instead we’re getting the Best Friends getting a title shot because….I’m not sure why actually. Is there a rule that Cassidy and the Best Friends have to be on every show? I don’t remember the last time they missed making an appearance on more than two shows in a row. No one gets this much TV time in the company outside of maybe Brandi.

Post match Jericho runs to the ring to hit Cassidy with the bat. The Inner Circle pulls out a bag of oranges and hits the already bloody Cassidy in the head. Jericho: “As you can see, Orange Cassidy has just been juiced.”

Maxwell Jacob Friedman knows he is the best and is a great white shark in a locker room full of minnows. Billy Gunn pops up to call him a minnow, but MJF says Gunn needs to be trying to get one of his stupid sons a job. Gunn is ready to fight but Wardlow breaks that up.

We recap Colt Cabana’s recent losing, meaning the Dark Order wants him. Cole doesn’t seem interested.

Colt Cabana vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy flips him off to start so Cabana leapfrogs him and shows off the double middle finger. The headscissors sets up an armbar to keep Guevara down. Sammy sends him outside though and it’s a big flip dive as we take a break. Back with Cabana kicking him away and hitting the Bionic Elbow. The Flying Apple into the double jump splash gets two on Guevara, followed by the moonsault for the same. Cabana slips on the Chicago Skyline though and it’s the GTH to give Sammy the pin at 7:32.

Rating: C. Cabana continues to be good for a match against almost anyone and Sammy is still one of the brightest stars around. He feels like he could do something good with just about anyone and that is the kind of thing you don’t get very often. Couple that with how much you want to punch him in the face and AEW has a star on its hands.

Post match the Dark Order comes out in full to stare at Cabana, with Brodie Lee helping him up. Cabana looks confused but slowly follows them down the tunnel.

With Colt gone, Sammy brags about his win but here’s Matt Hardy to interrupt. Matt sees a younger version of himself in Sammy because Sammy always gets back up. To realize his potential though, he has to get away from Chris Jericho. The fans approve, but Sammy doesn’t trust someone who tried to kill him twice. Matt likes the idea of a fact and we get the Matt selection screen, with Matt saying he is an excellent driver. With that, Matt ducks his head and becomes Broken. Matt promises to delete (x10) Sammy, who backs off.

Joey Janela is drinking in a bar and doesn’t know how he went from facing Jon Moxley in the main event to fading into the darkness. He leaves the bar and gets picked up by Sonny Kiss. To be continued.

Cabana goes into Brodie Lee’s dressing room.

Here’s what’s coming next week, including Billy Gunn vs. MJF and Le Sex Gods vs. the Best Friends with the Fyter Fest title shot on the line.

Jon Moxley is in the parking lot and is ready to destroy Brian Cage at Fyter Fest. Taz has been running his mouth for weeks so here’s Taz to get in Moxley’s face. Cue Cage to jump Moxley from behind and the beating is on. Moxley misses a pipe shot to hit a car window instead, allowing Cage to slam him into the back window of the same car. Taz gets Cage out of here.

Video on Cody wanting to prove that he can go week to week with the TNT Title defenses.

TNT Title: Marq Quen vs. Cody

Matt Hardy and Isaiah Cassidy come out with Quen but leave before the match. Arn Anderson is here with Cody. Quen gets in a shot to the face to start so Cody takes him down by the leg. A running shoulder into a standing moonsault gives Quen one but Cody snaps off the drop down right hand. Quen dropkicks him out of the air for two though as Anderson isn’t sure what to make of this. Cody grabs a dragon sleeper and we take a quick break.

Back with Quen favoring his leg but insisting he can keep going. Cody kicks the leg out and hits a reverse belly superplex (Though Quen might have countered. It’s not entirely clear.). Quen reverses a suplex into a spinning DDT for two though. Cody is sent outside for a suicide dive, followed by the limping flip dive. Another flip dive takes Cody down for two back inside so Quen sends him to the ramp. A 450 onto the ramp crushes Cody but Quen can’t follow up because of the leg. Back in and the shooting star misses, allowing Cody to grab the ankle lock. A leglock makes Quen tap at 11:48.

Rating: B-. Good action, told a fine story and Quen looked like a future star. Quen has looked like the better of the team and hopefully he gets to showcase himself a little bit more in the future. Right now though he needs some ring time and experience, just for the sake of learning to tighten things up a bit.

Post match respect is shown and Quen leaves. Cue Jake Hager to go after Anderson before beating Cody up as well. Private Party and Matt Hardy make the save with some chairs. The rest of the Inner Circle comes in and the brawl is on. Cody gets back in with the chair and the good guys clear the ring. Cody knows what Hager wants so he can have a TNT Title shot at Fyter Fest. The staredown ends the show.

Overall Rating: B. More good stuff this week with everyone working well and nothing bad on the whole show. They’re getting Fyter Fest ready and it’s feeling like a big show. They have a long way to go to get there though and with a few weeks left, they still have time to fill those holes. Nothing spectacular here, but it did what it needed to.


FTR b. Butcher and the Blade – Mind Breaker to Blade

Penelope Ford/Nyla Rose b. Kris Stadtlander/Hikaru Shida – Fisherman’s suplex to Shida

Best Friends/Orange Cassidy b. Santana and Ortiz/Jake Hager – Crucifix to Santana

Sammy Guevara b. Colt Cabana – GTH

Cody b. Marq Quen – Leglock

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