Daily News Update – June 10, 2020

Day 1 in the new reality where COPS has been cancelled.  WHY MUST SHOWS BE TAKEN FROM US SO YOUNG?  This is Firefly all over again.

DATELINE:  The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever has already been taped and apparently it’s pretty good, according to those who were there.  Can’t see how this promotional strategy could backfire, no sir.  Not like the show itself is titled “Backlash”.

DATELINE:  MLW has signed a new deal with DAZN, even as the streaming service is apparently in some serious trouble.  I liked watching the shows for free on Fite.TV, but $20 a month for DAZN?  Gonna be a no from me, dog.

DATELINE:  Darby Allin got to do some skating with Tony Hawk.  Cool guy, Tony Hawk.

Oh hey, look, Jim Cornette said some stuff about stuff.

Fingers crossed that Disqus actually works all day today.