Austin & The Rock

Good sir………a couple of quick questions about Steve Austin & The Rock

1.   Will we ever again have 2 mega stars in their prime at the same time like we did with these 2 guys?

2.   Favorite Austin vs Rock match?   I’m assuming it’s WrestleMania X-7 but I had to ask

3.   Would you have booked any part of any of their matches/feud differently.   For example would you have kept them apart longer?   Had them have more or less matches?   Ever had them team up?   Anything different?

4.   Not really a question but I just wanted to say – remember the bit where Rock checked his pager and it said 3:16?   I always thought that was hilarious and I’m honestly surprised it doesn’t get talked about more

Thanks as always for your time. 

1.  Nope.  No one can be bigger than the brand now so it just can't happen.
2.  I have a fondness for their brawl at the terrible D-Generation X PPV, but yes, the X-7 one is by far the best.
3.  A lot of their feud was dictated by circumstance, but I would have skipped Backlash 99 and kept them as a super-special Wrestlemania main event pairing.  But I understand why they did the rematch and I can't fault them for it.  
4.  Remember pagers?