Pendulum Swings


After listening to the comments from FTR regarding their WWE tenure over the last few days and how Vince just didn't “get them”, do you see any parallels to the fall of the AWA?  Verne Gagne was stubborn with his vision of wrestling looking like it did in the 60's and 70's, and he lost his business selling that instead of pushing guys with more of a gimmick that fans liked.  Now Vince is the “old man” set in his way of gimmick over substance, and his audience is eroding as he seems to value pure silliness over in ring performance in guys like the Revival or the Undisputed Era.  Thoughts?

It's not even necessarily just in-ring performance but even just the incessant pushes of the same part-timers over and over like Verne used to do.  Or booking episodes of RAW where Charlotte literally goes over the entire roster herself despite never moving ratings to justify the move.  In a lot of ways it's WORSE than Verne because the Gagnes at least paid the price for their nonsense and couldn't sustain the business, whereas Vince has enough money to screw up for decades and never feel it.