Leif Cassidy


Just a quick question on Al Snow changing up the Leif Cassidy character towards the end of the New Rockers Tag team in late 96.

In early October, Al Snow is still portraying and playing Leif up as the dorky teen idol gimmick in matches, but by the end of the month, in a tag match on Superstars against the Smokin Gunns the character has a completely different look and Al is playing the character in a more serious unstable tone.

The final New Rockers match aired on the 12-23-96 Raw, they lose to Pieroth and Cibernetico, and after the match, Leif and Marty are arguing in the ring with Leif blaming Marty for the loss.

Was this supposed to lead for a push for Al as Leif, and feud with Marty, if Marty doesn't quit the promotion right after? 
Far as I can remember, yeah.  Marty's sudden departures have derailed a lot of plans.