Is the Anti-AEW Crowd Secretly Trump Bots?

Everyone knows Linda McMahon is the top fundraiser for Trump, running his PAC (Politican Action Commitee, not British Bastard). Now anyone who doesn't think the McMahon's aren't funneling Saudi Arabian and Fox money into Trump's campaign is just fooling themselves. He probably gets a cut of every Network Subscription!

Now, you have all these weird anti-AEW types online, who constantly attack another wrestling company that actually puts on logical, fun, and entertaining wrestling product in America, and succeeding. I think they're actually being paid by the Trump campaign to attack AEW, because it's taking food off of Seth Rollins AND Donald Trump's dinner table. They always seem to pick a weird concept every week, and keep repeating it over and over, which is indicative of Online Bots. They will attack this because the curtain is being pulled back! THEY ARE EXPOSED!

I mean, I've heard things, you know? People are talking. 

I don't wanna bust up a perfectly good conspiracy theory, but Shad Khan donates large sums of money to Trump as well.  So that's one area where engaging in WHAT-ABOUT-ism isn't gonna lead you anywhere.