WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 12th, 1995


February 12, 1995

From the South Padre Island Convention Centre in South Padre Island, TX

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase

This week in action are Aldo Montoya, Jacob & Eli Blue, Man Mountain Rock, King Kong Bundy, Mantaur, Men on a Mission, and Lex Luger.


Aldo Montoya vs. Ray Hudson

The announcers mention the Mantaur/Montoya classic from the “Action Zone” two weeks ago after talking about Lawrence Taylor’s agent, Bobby Cupo, and his statement from RAW. Montoya takes control early but Hudson hammers away. Montoya then uses a flying forearm from the middle rope and runs wild then after a dropkick in the corner uses a flying bulldog for the win (2:27).

Thoughts: DiBiase was still talking about the time he offered Montoya a spot in The Corporation and was turned down. The announcers also talked about Bobby Cupo’s statement from RAW and even brought up the Montoya/Mantaur match as Gorilla thought that Montoya looked good there.


WWF Live Event News with Tamara Murphy. She hypes up the “In High Gear” tour and we hear a promo from the Smoking Gunns hyping up their title defense against IRS & Tatanka.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. Bill Weaver & Shawn Dakota

DiBiase tells us that Blu’s are not hillbillies but rather “mountain men” thus being smarter. The announcers talk about the Smoking Gunns being marked men as champions as Eli runs over Dakota. Jacob is in and he beats down Dakota then yanks Weaver into the ring and beats on him too. The Blu’s stay in control as Gorilla teases DiBiase about buying the Blu’s and soon after that Weaver is put away with a spinrbuster/leg drop combo for the win (3:29).

Thoughts: Not much to speak of here as the Brothers Blu randomly debuted at the Royal Rumble and now given Uncle Zebekiah who hasn’t done a thing except lead this team to the ring. They also continued the bit of DiBiase wanting to buy all the new talent and yeah, this is not a team worth paying for from what we have seen.


We see highlights of the Bigelow/LT saga then Bigelow’s comments this week on “Superstars.”


Lex Luger vs. Brooklyn Brawler

DiBiase says that if LT does not answer Bigelow’s challenge then he is a wimp. The announcers now hype Luger vs. Tatanka on “Action Zone” as DiBiase makes fun of Luger for always losing matches when Tatanka is involved. Luger flexes after overpowering Brawler to start. Brawler cheap shots Luger but gets caught in a hip toss. Luger comes back with a slam then avoids a charge in the corner as DiBiase continues to make fun of Luger, who is now working the arm. Brawler cheap shots Luger on the ropes and hits an elbow smash before running Luger’s face along the top rope. The crowd rallies behind Luger as Brawler continues to rough up Luger. DiBiase keeps pointing out how Tatanka always beats Luger as Gorilla notes he hasn’t seen this much offense from Brawler in years. Brawler heads up top but Luger slams him off and runs wild before the Rebel Rack gets the win (3:59).

Thoughts: Not only did he do the job on RAW but here he had to give Brawler a good amount of offense, so much so that Gorilla made a comment. Luger has absolutely zero momentum heading into his match against Tatanka on the Action Zone.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. John Snakowski

Gorilla talks about The Corporation stealing Undertaker’s urn as Bundy shoves Snakowski to the mat then into the corner. Bundy kicks Snakowski outside then yells at him to get up before kicking him off of the apron. Back inside, Bundy yells at the crowd after whipping Snakowski into the corner a few times as we see DiBiase laughing on the outside. For some reason this match is still going on then Bundy hits an Avalanche for the win (2:46).

Thoughts: Christ almighty this match seemed like it lasted for ten minutes. Bundy was as useless as he has ever been in this run while Snakowski did not appear to be able to do anything in the ring. It now looks like Undertaker/Bundy is certainly going to be a feud.


We see last week’s “Heartbreak Hotel” when Shawn Michaels interviewed a standee of Diesel.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Butch Long & Adam Croom

The announcers once again talk about the Tag Team Division being wide open as Mabel drops Long after a lifting choke hold. Mabel then hits an enziguiri and a clothesline before Croom tags into the match. Mabel hits a spinning heel kick then tags out as Mo works over Croom. Gorilla said he wants to see Smoking Gunns vs. Jacob & Eli Blue as MoM uses a drop toe hold/Leg drop combo then an assisted avalanche before Mo bulldogs Mabel on top for the win (3:20). DiBiase then puts over Mantaur for some reason as Gorilla hypes the Challenge debut of Man Mountain Rock.

Thoughts: MoM were at least all action here as the announcers talked about the Tag Team division, even teasing Gunns vs. Jacob & Eli Blu as a potential title match.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Ben Jordan

Mantaur rams Jordan into the corner as Gorilla notes Mantaur ended Aldo Montoya’s undefeated streak. Mantaur tosses around Jordan as Gorilla notes Cornette was responsible for Yokozuna’s success. Jordan tries a few dropkicks but Mantaur takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Mantaur stays in control then drops an elbow before a spnebuster gets the win (2:05). DiBiase notes he might have to do some negotiating with Cornette regarding Mantaur.

Thoughts: They are trying to still push Mantaur as some sort of threat and even had DiBiase act like he was interested in acquiring him but the act is DOA. At least Jordan could work and did most of the heavy lifting in the match to prevent an embarrassment.


Another Live Event News sergment about the “In High Gear” tour. We hear from Diesel as he hypes up his match as he teams with Diesel against Shawn Michaels & Jeff Jarrett. He promises them the beating of their lives. We also learn that Man Mountain Rock and Hakushi will be making their MSG debuts on this show. Well, one of them did anyway.


Man Mountain Rock plays guitar before the match.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Reno Riggins

DiBiase wants to know if Rock can wrestle. Riggins slaps away a handshake as Gorilla brings up Rock’s collegiate amateur wrestling career. Riggins does some stalling to start. Rock overpowers him and hits a suplex and plays guitar while using the abdominal stretch then the Wallapalooza gets the win (2:25). After the match, Rock is handed his guitar outside of the ring and he plays while heading up the aisle. We get a closeup of Rock’s face as Gorilla tells us to get used to it as we will see a lot of Rock in the future.

Thoughts: They are at least building up and trying to push Rock but the attire is a complete detriment to the act and having him always smile makes him look like a giant dweeb.


Next week’s “blockbuster” show includes: Jeff Jarrett, Bob Holly, and an interview with Shawn Michaels. DiBiase closes out the show by calling out LT for hiding behind his agent as Gorilla has had enough and tosses his headset before leaving. DiBiase then calls LT a wimp and eggs him on to accept Bigelow’s challenge.


Final Thoughts: This might have been one of the saddest edition of Challenge. I mean look at that murderers row of wrestlers on the show. Tons of stale and awful acts without any sort of exclusive segments. Challenge started off as a “B” syndicated show and no longer serves a purpose. Its not hard to see why the show was cancelled before the year ended.