WWF Superstars – February 11th, 1995


February 11, 1995

From the Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi, TX

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

The show starts off with Vince narrating a video package of Shawn Michaels winning the Royal Rumble match, hyping the March 8th Coliseum Home Video release of the show. They also show his confrontation with Adam Bomb two weeks ago on “Wrestling Challenge” to hype their match today with the story that everyone is out to get Shawn.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Gary Sabaugh

The announcers talk about the Tatanka vs. Lex Luger match this weekend on “Action Zone” as Lawler reminds us that Luger was pinned this week on RAW. Tatanka hammers away to start. Sabaugh sneaks in a rollup for two then tries to rally the crowd. Both guys trade arm wringers until Sabaugh hits a back suplex. Sabaugh hammers away in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Tatanka chops down Sabaugh as the announcers still talk about Tatanka vs. Luger. Tatanka then slams Sabaugh and follows with an elbow drop while Vince brings up Lawrence Taylor’s agent, Bobby Cupo, saying that LT is not interested in wrestling. Vince also says that we will hear from Bam Bam Bigelow after this match as Tatanka hits the End of the Trail for the win (2:41).

Thoughts: Mostly hype for Tatanka vs. Luger on the “Action Zone” as they also talked about Bigelow/LT.


We now get a clip of Bigelow losing the Tag Team Tournament finals at the Royal Rumble followed by his confrontation with Lawrence Taylor. We now hear a response from Bigelow over Cupo’s comments. Bigelow talks about how no one is relating to him and had to deal with the humiliation of getting pinned by 1-2-3 Kid. Bigelow says that LT will not get an apology and he will not stop challenging him until there is a match and then, an apology might come out. Bigelow then calls out LT for needing his lawyers to talk to him and to be a man and talk to his face. Bigelow then says that LT is a wimp and insults him some more in the hopes he will accept his challenge. The point here was Bigelow stating he is not going to stop until LT accepts and its quite clear this match is going to happen. The angle is still good but now this segment took out the “shoot” element of the feud.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Raven Clark & Buck Quartermaine

Vince goes on about LT being an invited guest and is owed an apology while Lawler said that LT never apologized to the quarterbacks he sacked and taunted. Prichard works over Quartermaine to start as Lawler wants Vince to admit that LT taunted Bigelow. Clark tags in and The Bodies catch him with a double thrust kick. Vince notes that Diesel is upset over what happened to LT as Del Ray uses a deadlift wheelbarrow slam and follows that up with a gyration. We get a replay of that as The Bodies stay in control until the powerbomb/moonsault combo gets the win (2:13). Lawler then wants LT to be a man and accept Bigelow’s challenge and make the transition from football to wrestling like Ernie Ladd, Dick the Bruiser, and Wahoo McDaniel.

Thoughts: The Bodies did some cool stuff here but are just a team to provide depth on the roster as they lacked the star look and size the company looked for when pushing top teams.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. They are promoting nine matches for the 3/19 MSG card as part of the “In High Gear” tour. We hear from Adam Bomb hyping his submission match with Bob Backlund as he vows never to submit and that the entire Bomb Squad will take Backlund down to ground zero. Well. we will see what happens with that match when I get to that point.


Adam Bomb vs. Shawn Michaels

On his way to the ring, Shawn looks into the camera and says he will see us on his way to WrestleMania. Bomb attacks Shawn as the latter was dancing around. Shawn is layed across the top rope in the corner and Bomb kicks him as Shawn flies out to the floor. Shawn takes off his entrance gear and earrings but Bomb punches him off the apron. Bomb punches Shawn off again but the next time, Shawn pokes Bomb in the eye. Shawn hammers away but Bomb fights back and works the arm. Bomb hammers away and skies Shawn with a back drop but Shawn is then able to yank Bomb outside by the tights. Shawn flies out with a pescado then hammers away before rolling Bomb back inside. Shawn hits a middle rope elbow drop for two but ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Bomb fights back as Vince talks about Shawn in the market for a bodyguard. Bomb hits a few clotheslines and sends Shawn over the top rope. Bomb brings Shawn back into the ring but whiffs on a slingshot clothesline then Shawn drills him with a super kick for the win (4:29) *1/2.

Thoughts: Completely forgettable here as this was just a way to give Shawn a match over a bigger wrestler for his feud against Diesel. Vince put over the super kick as the move that took out Diesel twice as that now seems to be Shawn’s new finishing move. And Bomb losing clean on TV and his feud with Bigelow kicked to the curb due to the LT storyline, it appears he is being shunted down the card and fed to Backlund on the “In High Gear” tour. And if you listen to Bomb on his shoot interview with RF Video, you can hear all about his hatred for Shawn. Its quite the interview to say the least.


We see the clip of Ken Norton Jr. after the Super Bowl telling us he is going to WrestleMania.


Man Mountain is now in the ring playing guitar. Vince tells us that Rock likes “jammin’ as much as he likes slammin'” while Lawler makes fun of Vince’s lack of rhythm.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bill Payne

Vince actually identifies Rock as Darryl Peterson, a former All-American wrestler at Iowa State. Lawler gets a good dig at Rock’s attire, saying some people would look stupid wearing it and Rock is one of them. Rock overpowers Payne to start then hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Vince then plugs the Tatanka vs. Luger cage match that headlines the White Plains, NY show. Rock then hits a vertical suplex as this crowd couldn’t care less. Rock now uses an abdominal stretch then acts like he’s playing guitar before the gourbuster gets the win as Vince tells us that move is now called the “Wallapalooza” (2:34).

Thoughts: Interesting to hear Vince do the Jim Ross bit of saying the wrestler’s name and athletic credentials. At least Rock’s forced smiling was not as frequent than on RAW but the crowd did not care about Rock whatsover.


Stan Lane welcomes Hakushi & Shinja to the ring for an interview. At this point, Lane was mostly seen on PPV’s for the 1-900 lines. Lane asks Shinja about the aerial attack and martial arts background of Hakushi. Shinja tells “stupid American announcer” Lane that he speaks English and to ask his questions. Lane wants to know the meaning and significance of Hakushi’s tattoos. Shinja says they are all about what Hakushi means and says the name means “White Ninja” then calls him Japan’s most respectable athlete. Shinja says Hakushi is better than Diesel and Bret Hart. Lane takes exception to those claims and puts over Bret’s award in Germany and how Bret is a star in Japan. Shinja screams about no one knowing Bret in Japan and that Hakushi is the country’s top star and will destroy all American superstars, especially Bret, to prove that he is the best. They are going with a Hakushi/Bret feud on the basis that Hakushi is more popular than him in Japan and with Lawler making accusations of Bret being racist, which was not touched upon here, it appears that Lawler will enhance the feud by pushing that bit on commentary.


Donald Light is the guest ring announcer. He is wearing a Bret Hart t-shirt and is probably in his 30’s.


Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. The New Headshrinkers w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Afa

You would have thought this would have been promoted on TV last week. Vince tells us that the winner of this match will face Smoking Gunns for the titles next week. Well Dunn attack Sionne to start. Dunn even hits a flying clothesline from the apron to take out Fatu. Sionne comes back to catch Dunn with a powerslam and follows that with a backbreaker and after that Fatu heads up top and hits a splash for the win (1:43) *.

Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt but it was all action at least. And why on earth was a team that got eliminated in the first round given a #1 contender match? We now get a face vs. face matchup for the titles next week so expect something interesting to happen.


Bob Backlund vs. Lee Tobin

Vince puts over Bret and how he will be on the “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” but Lawler once again talks about Bret being a racist. Lawler then calls out all Canadians for being racist towards the Japanese as Vince apologizes on his behalf. Backlund grounds Tobin as the announcers now talk about the crossface chicken wing. Tobin surprises Backlund with a backslide for two but gets dropped with a forearm smash then Backlund locks on the chicken wing for the win (1:38). Backlund keeps the hold on and brings Tobin to the mat before finally letting go.

Thoughts: Another win and match for Backlund to put over the dangers of the crossface chicken wing, just like the company has been doing for the past few months.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. They once again hype up the “In High Gear” tour as we hear from Razor Ramon talking about teaming with Diesel for the first time and is ready for any kind of fight. He then said despite their past differences, they should put it in the past and take care of business. The selling point of this was whether or not Diesel & Razor can function as a team.


British Bulldog vs. Barry Horowitz

Lawler makes fun of Bulldog for being stupid as Horowitz bounces off of Bulldog. Horowitz tries it again and gets caught in a press slam then rolls outside for a breather. Horowitz uses a shoulder thrust and knee lift when he returns but Bulldog takes him over and works the arm. Vince talks about Shawn fooling everyone at the Rumble as they all thought Bulldog won the match as Horowitz fights back. Horowitz ducks his head and Bulldog uses a delayed vertical suplex. Bulldog eats an elbow smash but catches Horowitz coming off the middle rope and hits the running powerslam for the win (2:37).

Thoughts: Decent little match as Bulldog is getting pushed as almost winning the Rumble but nothing more. Being pushed as a runner is not exactly a recipe for success.


We see the hosts as they talk about next week’s show featuring Razor Ramon, Kama, and the Tag Team Title match between Smoking Gunns and the New Headshrinkers. Lawler then talks about never caring about LT or the New York Giants, saying he is a Cleveland Browns fan, and says Jim Brown told him that LT is a gutless, media darling.


Final Thoughts: They are going all out with Bigelow/LT and a match announcement is imminent. The featured match was disappointing and next week’s featured match will be for the Tag Team Titles as the build towards WrestleMania XI is starting to come together.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/12/95

Monday: WWF Action Zone 2/12/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 2/18/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/19/95

Wednesday: WWF Action Zone 2/19/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 2/20/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 2/25/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/26/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 2/26/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW