Hi Scott,

So I know WWE lore is that the first table spot was Survivor Series 95 with Bret and Diesel…  

But pre-Spanish Announce Table, I’ve also seen Earthquake put Hawk through a table at SuperWrestle 91, and then obviously there's the Harley Race/Hulk Hogan moment at SNME in ’88, which I’ve seen labelled as the ‘real’ first table spot.

But then I was recently watching the 1987 Slammy Awards, and Race goes through another table during a backstage brawl with Jim Duggan – a full three months before the Hogan match.

So now I’m curious if there are other examples out there and whether you know who exactly was the first person to go through a table in WWF/WWE…. and when!?

I mean, if we're not counting WWF specifically, Randy Savage piledrove Ricky Morton's pretty face through a table in Memphis in the early 80s and it was AWESOME.  But I believe for the WWF that Race match stands as the first example.