Doug Furnas

Hi Scott,

I watched the Kobashi and Kikuchi vs Furnas and Lafon tag match from 1992 which was Observer MOTY and mentioned as one of the contenders for greatest tag match of all time after this was a topic for discussion following the Bucks vs Kenny and Hangman match at Revolution. Could you give some insight as to why they flopped when they came to WWE in 1996? Both were jacked, tall, could work and Furnas was a 0.8 on the Triple H hair scale back in 1992.
I wouldn't say they were tall at all.  They were considered too small, and also couldn't talk.  Plus they just didn't have anyone to work with outside of Bulldog and Owen.  Like who are they gonna have great matches with?  The Headbangers?  The Godwinns?  It's funny because Vince spent years chasing them and then got bored of them almost immediately upon having them debut on TV.