The Womens Revolution at MSG

Hi Scott,

With all the talk of the Womens revolution and how awesome the the talent level & pushes being given to women in WWE are at the moment. I want to take you back to one of the (many) low-points. The Swimsuit Contest at Royal Rumble 2000. I recently watched the PPV and for such a pointless & throwaway segments i was left with a few questions i hope you can please answer.

1) In the build-up Edge was promoted as being one of the judges, this was when they were also acknowledging he was getting married to Val Venis' sister.  Edge wasn't used as a judge and the Venis relationship was dropped. Was there originally some kind of angle at the PPV that got dropped last minute regarding Edge & one of the women int he contest? 

2) Ivory & especially Luna were reluctant to disrobe and complained about the contest. Whilst i doubt they went off script, was this added to the skit because of their real life feelings towards these kind of T&A contests?

3) The PPV was advertised and sold with a nudity indicator, showing that the WWE obviously planned for someone to go at least topless. Was Mae Young always the plan or was one of the normal Divas meant to be exposed but backed out?

Cheers for covering what you must agree is an integral moment in wrestling history 

I'll cover these in order.

1.  I don't know.  Maybe?  

2.  I don't know.  Probably?  

3.  I don't know.  Possibly?  

Hope that helps.