Daily News Update – June 6, 2020

Don’t worry, NWA-TNA won’t break me, I’m a professional reviewer of dumpster fires.

DATELINE:  A&E Removes Live PD from their schedule this weekend because people apparently hate cops right now.


I can understand the sentiment, I guess, but I think Live PD really does a great job at the same time of humanizing them and showing a lot of ways that they de-escalate situations by talking with people and treating them like human beings.  But it’s a shitty time and you do what you gotta do.  It’s not like repeats are hard to find anyway.

DATELINE:  DC Comics splits with Diamond Distributors and instead partners with more expensive retail distribution partners


Probably not big news unless you’re a comic geek, but this is BAD news for comic book stores that are already struggling with profit margins.  Like, a real dick move from DC, for sure.  Real show of heart and class towards struggling comic book shops in the face of a pandemic here, DC.

Anyway, your dose of awesome for the day is Rock Sugar, who are a rock band fronted by Jess Harnell (aka the voice of Wakko Warner and an insanely talented mimic) with some of the most incredibly batshit classic rock mashups you’ll ever hear.  Trust me, if you’re into that type of music, as soon as you hear the opening of “Don’t Stop The Sandman” you’ll be hooked.  My favorite is “Here Comes The Fool In The Rain You Wanted”.  Sadly the album is buried seventeen feet under in legal hell and will never again see the light of day on streaming or physical media, but it lives on YouTube and deserves to be heard again.


Oh and wrestling this weekend, whatever.  I like to talk about different shit sometimes, sue me.