Best Ritual Jobber Humiliations in WWF History?

Hi Scott,

Back when squash matches were a thing, a lot of name wrestlers used to benefit from what I like to call “ritual jobber humiliation” routines after their TV victories.  Oddly enough, it wasn't restricted simply to heels.  You had Jake turning Damian/Lucifer loose on DDT'ed jobbers and Brutus giving haircuts to sleeperhold victims.  But mostly it was the heels.  DiBiase stuffing dollar bills into the mouths of passed-out jobbers or Bossman beating handcuffed guys with the nightstick were not only memorable back in the day; each could (sadly) pass for social commentary today.  Taker used to dump a little packet of dirt on jobbers when he was with Brother Love before switching to the classic body bag routine with Paul Bearer.  And then there were feud-specific RJH's–Owen and Anvil putting Hitman shades on defeated jobbers and Sid putting Hogan bandanas and T-shirts on jobbers getting stretchered out before WM VIII.

Anyway, I write not to glorify such exploitative behavior (you know it gave Vince his jollies), but to grade them objectively.  What, in your opinion, was the best ritual jobber humiliation?  The worst?  Did I omit any glaring examples?

I gotta go with Beefcake's haircuts as the best because they got extra cash from Vince for going along with it, and that's pretty cool of him.  The worst has to be the Beverly Brothers painting “L.O.S.” on jobber chests for a few weeks in 1992 to build up a feud with the Legion of Sissies, who were seconded by a dummy I should point out.