WWF Action Zone – February 5th, 1995


February 5, 1995

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Ross

Today’s featured match is Diesel vs. Owen Hart for the World Title.


WWF World Title Match: Owen Hart vs. Diesel (c)

This took place at the 1/11 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in South Padre Island, TX. Unfortunately, the copy I have of this show is joined in-progress as we see Owen working over Diesel’s leg. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter but Diesel rakes his face then we go to break. Match returns with Owen still working the leg. Owen now heads up top and hits a missile dropkick then tries to work the leg again but gets shoved into the post. Diesel gets up and elbows Owen in the corner a few times but Owen comes back with an eye poke. Owen heads back up top but Diesel shakes the ropes an Owen falls down. Diesel picks up Owen by the head and drops him then connects with a big boot. Diesel then pumps up the crowd and raises his arm to signal for the Jackknife and hits that for the win (6:22 shown). After the match, we see Shawn Michaels come down the aisle. Shawn stares at Diesel then Diesel invites him inside. Shawn slowly heads down the aisle but instead turns around and goes back through the curtain as the camera shows Diesel celebrating.

Thoughts:  What we saw here was basic stuff with the undersized heel working the leg but a clean win for Diesel over a credible opponent was needed since the match against Bret Hart at the Rumble ended in a no contest. They also teased a Diesel/Shawn confrontation as its clear that will be the title match at WrestleMania, especially with these guys on opposite sides in a tag match as part of the upcoming “In High Gear” tour.


We go to the hosts as they recap the Bigelow and LT saga with the same video we saw on the other weekend shows.


Duke Droese defeats Barry Horowitz in a match from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Vince also announced here that we will hear from Lawrence Taylor’s manager, Bobby Cupo, on RAW tomorrow night.


A video hyping next week’s Lex Luger vs. Tatanka match.


Tatanka defeats Matt Hardy in a match from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Bob Backlund tells us that when he procures a chicken wing on an individual he will not release unless they say “I quit.” Backlund also says he will show us what he means this week. Its clear they are building to another submission match and its also clear that this gimmick has ran its course.


Doink defeats Greg Davis in a match from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Vince here tells us that they rescheduled events cancelled in the New England this weekend due to a blizzard.


Kama defeats Charlie Hunter in a match from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” After the match they had Kama cut a promo that we can barely hear over his entrance music. He says that one man isnt enough and wants to fight two or three at a time. When this match aired on Challenge, it was at the end of the show and they cut to the hosts at the desk as you could see Kama pacing the ring in the background. The second time Kama has cut a promo that you could barely make out.


Smoking Gunns interview from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  airs


Hakushi defeats Shawn Dakota in a match from the 2/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Final Thoughts: They had a title match on cable TV but it seemed more designed to build towards Diesel/Shawn than anything else. And besides that we saw a few things not shown from Challenge that happened here as next week’s featured match is Lex Luger vs. Tatanka, which has been stinking up the house show circuit for months.