My ONE AEW problem

Hey Scott,

I am 100% on board with AEW and have been from day one. I’d really appreciate both they and WWE be entertaining and life would be grand.

But I’m really feeling like I’ve seen enough of Cody. While I’m pleased he hasn’t been at the top of the card the last year, he’s always been a main player and he’s hovering somewhere between Jeff Jarrett In TNA and HHH for me.

I see no way that he doesn’t eventually have the World Championship in the not too distant future, and I just don’t need to see that.

Fair opinion to have, or am I way in the minority?

Fair opinion.  He's treading a fine line at the moment and hopefully he's enough of a student of the game and student of the Game to figure out when to pull back and just be the guy behind the scenes for a while.