Having Fun

Hey Scott—

Piggybacking off an earlier e-mailer regarding AEW talent v. WWE talent “having fun”, it seems like the AEW folks aren’t just allowed to have more fun in the ring, they’re allowed to in the audience, as well.

Both AEW and NXT have put talent at ringside for their Wednesday shows. And you can argue that NXT is being safer and more responsible regarding COVID-19 by putting up plexiglass between the performers and the “crowd”. But it feels so organic on Dynamite and so forced on NXT. The AEW talent is allowed to act and react like wrestling fans, while every reaction on NXT seems hallow and inauthentic, like being out there is some kind of “mandatory fun” corporate retreat.

Funny that in 2020, WWE is able to recreate the atmosphere of the WCW Disney tapings from the early 90s. All that’s missing are the flashing signs that tell talent when to cheer and boo…

It's funny how they own all of the footage and are content to put out endless self-satisfied documentaries about all the lessons taught by the death of WCW, without anyone ever actually learning any of those lessons.