The Essential Thursday Night Thread: June 4, 2020

Can someone turn the light on at the end of this tunnel?  It’s gotten to the point where we’re turning to clips from the Munsters for inspiration.  (Twitter’s weird, okay?)

Maffew dropped a new Botchamania yesterday, complete with his takes on Double or Nothing and some really good stingers.  Check it out.

Also, check out these matches!

From WWR, it’s Impact wrestlers Jordynne Grace and Kimber Lee — sidenote: I wish I could pull off a German suplex with that kind of form.

A little WWE vs AEW action, as Toni Storm takes on Bea Priestley!

We all know Joey Janela’s willing to try anything, but how about actual wrestling?  Here he is against Hot Sauce Williams, one of the best grapplers I’ve ever seen.

A Joey Ryan intergender match?  Sure, why not!

We end with a match from Beyond featuring the recently departed Danny Havoc, as he teams with Devon Moore and “Lucky 13” to take on Jaka and Proud&Powerful.  Rest in peace, Danny.

Bring the insanity!