Rebooking the first SummerSlam

Reading your Old School review today got me thinking of this one, and also rebooking old PPV's is a popular topic here. 

Instead of the tag team main event, split them up.  DiBiase defeats Savage maybe around the middle of the show.  That way DiBiase gets the title run he was promised and the show doesn't end on a downer.  

Have Hogan take on Andre and bill it as their “final battle.”  Hogan wins and he gets to satisfy his mammoth ego by going on last, winning, and doing his five-minute posing celebration.  

Build up to WrestleMania V by having Savage regain the title prior to Royal Rumble (A Saturday Night's Main Event maybe).  Every other part of the Savage-Hogan buildup remains the same.

Do you think this would've worked?  Or would it have been too much Savage-DiBiase?  I know the feud ran out of gas by the fall, but I think a title switch could've reinvigorated it. Thanks.

No, that's too much Savage-Dibiase.  They were out of gas already.  Maybe if they had done the title switch at the WrestleFest show in Milwaukee and made a big deal out of that, but even then that already had the final Hogan-Andre match with the cage match.  I say we leave Summerslam alone!