NXT – June 3, 2020

Date: June 3, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, Beth Phoenix

It’s the go home show for Takeover and that means we have another stacked card. The big story is building tot he NXT Title match but you never know how that might go. NXT has a good history with making you want to see the major shows, but things have been difference since they went to two hours. Hopefully they can make it work well here all over again. Let’s get to it.

Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae

Candice jumps her to start but Mia kicks her down without much trouble. More kicks keep Candice down but she kicks her way out of a full nelson. Some backsplashes give Candice two, only to be sent into the corner for a Cannonball. A forearm knocks Candice to the floor and Mia follows her out for a whip into the barricade. The brawling continues and it’s a double countout at 3:49.

Rating: D+. This was just a way to get to the finish and I think you know what’s coming here. Mia was more aggressive than usual here and that’s a good thing that she’s been needing for a while now. Candice is better at the promos than the wrestling, but she could be a lot worse. Just not much of a match, but it wasn’t supposed to be.

Post match the brawl continues and they fight into the Titantron, messing up its feed. Tegan Nox comes in to break it up but Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come in to break up Nox. Shotzi Blackheart is out as well and the melee is afoot. Everyone else is cleared out and Mia decks Candice. Johnny Gargano comes out to break things up but Candice jumps Mia again. Cue Keith Lee to chase the Garganos off and let’s hit that mixed tag.

Keith Lee/Mia Yim vs. Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae

Gargano and Lee are in street clothes. The Garganos try to escape but Lee grabs him in a gorilla press. Lee carries him down the aisle and doesn’t mind Candice jumping on his back at the same time. Mia jumps Johnny in the ring and we’re officially ready to start. Mia throws Candice down to start and gets a quick two off Soul Food. Candice gets kicked away but Gargano won’t come in because he’s not in wrestling gear. Gargano comes in to break up a dragon suplex so Lee picks him up, only to have Gargano stab him in the eyes with car keys. Candice rolls Mia up for the pin at 3:45.

Rating: C-. Another angle rather than a match and that’s fine given that the match is already set for Sunday. Gargano vs. Lee should be good and Candice vs. Mia can be done again later. At some point Lee has to lose the title and it would make sense for him to drop the title to the freshly heel Gargano, likely with a lot of cheating included.

Post match Gargano attacks Lee’s hand for a bonus.

Video on Tommaso Ciampa vs. Karrion Kross.

Dexter Lumis has nothing to say….but he pulls in an easel and some markers to start drawing.

Drake Maverick is ready for anything tonight and isn’t feeling the pressure. That’s why he’s having cookies and cake at catering. There is no pressure tonight, and he’s ready for the biggest night of his life.

We get a Prime Target video on Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream. Cole is picked up by the Undisputed Era (including Kyle O’Reilly) for a special day commemorating his one year anniversary as NXT Champion. They take the limo to lunch so we go to Velveteen Dream, who talks is rollerblading by Full Sail University, where Cole injured him to cost Dream the North American Title.

The Era has drinks and toasts to Cole’s success and we cut back to Dream talking about the time he pinned Cole. Dream asks his mirror who will be the greatest NXT Champion and is told that it will be him. Various personalities, including Drew McIntyre, talk about how big of a showdown this is. The match is officially a Backlot Brawl.

Lumis has finished his drawing, which is the Undisputed Era in a car with Lumis driving. Ok then.

Tony Nese vs. Isaiah Scott

Fallout from Nese costing Scott a Cruiserweight Title tournament match. Scott spears him down to start and hammers away before they fight outside. Nese gets in a hard shot on the floor and it’s back inside to send Scott back first into the corner. The bodyscissors stays on the back but Scott gets in some chops from the mat.

Nese powers him up into a guillotine but Scott reverses into a brainbuster for a good counter. Scott sends him outside and hits the running boot from the apron to make it even worse. Back in and Nese goes up top but here’s Jack Gallagher for a distraction. Nese punches Scott off the top and loads up the Sunset Driver, only to be reversed into a sunset flip to give Scott the pin at 5:32.

Rating: C. I don’t get why the cruiserweights don’t get a bit more build than they receive. I know they’re never going to be a focal point of the show, but they are right there and capable of doing a little something. Let them fill in some time so you don’t burn through so many of your top stars and stories so fast.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch vs. Undisputed Era vs. ???

For the #1 contendership and it’s….Breezango filling out the field in a surprise moment (they’re astronauts because reasons). Burch, Fish and Breeze start things off with Fish getting double teamed. As usual, the other two get in an argument over who should get the pin and the staredown is on. The Era is sent outside and the other four have a staredown to take us to a break.

Back with Strong getting stomped down in the corner until Burch dropkicks Breeze down. Strong sends them into each other and hits a Rock Bottom backbreaker on Breeze. Fish drops Burch on the floor, leaving Breeze to get beaten up in the corner. Fandango gets suckered in so Strong can chinlock Breeze to slow things down. That brings Burch back in for the save and Breeze gets over to Fandango for the tag.

Back to back powerslams plant the Era and it’s a Falcon Arrow for two on Strong. Lorcan comes in as well and strikes away at everyone he can find. A double running Blockbuster drops the Era and Fandango throws Lorcan onto a bunch of people at ringside. Fandango adds the big flip dive, leaving Breeze to Supermodel kick Burch inside. The Era comes in to beat up Breeze as Lumis is here to watch. The Beauty Shot drops Fish though and the Last Dance gives Fandango the pin at 9:46.

Rating: B-. This was your usual wild match but they kept it short enough to not overstay their welcome. Breezango should be good first victims for Imperium, who are the kind of guys who wouldn’t be able to stand the two of them. It could make for an entertaining match, though I’d assume it’s a regular TV match instead of something at Takeover.

Post match Imperium comes out for the staredown, followed by Malcolm Bivens and his two giants. Dang it I was hoping they had forgotten about those two.

We look at Chelsea Green firing Robert Stone last week. That’s probably the right move for both of them as the team wasn’t working.

Aliyah vs. Santana Garrett

Aliyah starts fast with a neckbreaker and right hands as a disheveled Robert Stone comes out to watch. We hit the double arm crank on Garrett but she fires up and hits a hurricanrana out of the corner. A handspring moonsault finishes Aliyah at 2:02. I like both of them but I have no reason to believe this is leading anywhere for Garrett.

An annoyed Stone leaves.

We get another Prime Target, this time on the women’s triple threat match. Io Shirai, underwater, talks about being isolated in the darkness. She loves being alone because it makes her stronger. Rhea Ripley and Charlotte should be afraid of her because she will be the next champion.

Over to Ripley, who is woken up at 5:30am to start training for the day. She finished 2019 on fire but then 2020 was all downhill. It’s time to turn things around. Then we have Charlotte, who is nervous because she hasn’t been on Takeover in a long time. She is NXT homegrown though and will show what she can do again. All three of them want to be the best and have something to prove. Talking heads talk about how good all three of them are and how great the match is going to be.

Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes talks trash to start and gets run over by the much bigger Reed. An atomic drop sets up a Bionic elbow and Grimes gets planted off a gorilla press. Reed throws him around again and hits a running hip attack in the corner. Back in and the top rope splash misses, setting up the Cave In to give Grimes the pin at 2:44. Good win for Grimes here and it’s nice to see Reed back.

Post match Grimes talks trash but Karrion Kross is here for the Doomsday Saito to Reed. Kross tells Ciampa that Sunday will be special. Tick tock.

At Takeover: Tegan Nox/Shotzi Blackheart/Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez/Candice LeRae. I can go for a six person.

Interim Cruiserweight Title: El Hijo de Fantasma vs. Drake Maverick

For the vacant title and Maverick’s job is pretty much on the line. They shake hands to start and Fantasma rolls him up for a quick two. That freaks Drake out a bit so it’s off to a slightly safer hammerlock. Fantasma is right back up so they circle each other in a standoff. An armbar takes Drake down and Fantasma gets a rollup for two more. Back up and Maverick grabs a headscissors to put Fantasma on the floor. A Cannonball off the apron takes Fantasma down again and we take a break.

Back with Maverick hitting a middle rope dropkick to put Fantasma on the floor again but this time he powerbombs Maverick on the outside. They head back inside with Fantasma grabbing a surfboard but Maverick slips out and hits a running kick in the corner. Fantasma pulls him into a Boston crab, followed by an ugly sitout powerbomb for two more. That’s enough to fire Maverick up but Fantasma forearms him in the back to take care of that again.

This time Maverick unloads in the corner and drops the top rope elbow for two more. They fight up top again with Fantasma being knocked to the floor. Cue the masked men from the parking lot but Maverick dives onto both of them. Back in and Fantasma hits a quick superkick into the Phantom Driver for the pin and the title at 15:02.

Rating: B. It was a good enough match and I wasn’t sure which way they were going to go until the end. That makes for an interesting way to go and Maverick’s heart was shining through as always. There was even interference to make things feel a little less fair. Fantasma is the right call though as he’s more talented, but it was nice to see Maverick’s great run.

Post match Fantasma celebrates while Maverick sits in the ring. He thanks everyone for what happened, gets the hero’s sendoff…..and here’s HHH with the contract for Maverick to end the show. It was either that or win the title so this was a feel good moment. I’d be curious to find out how long this was planned in advance, but hopefully is wasn’t that long.

Overall Rating: B-. They did a nice job of making Takeover feel like a big deal, but there is still a certain level of magic missing from the show. Maybe it’s a lot of the wrestlers not being able to be in person for the show, but it isn’t exactly as interesting as it has been before. Then again, I’ve said that many times about Takeover before and been completely wrong, so maybe that’s the case this time too.


Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae went to a double countout

Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae b. Mia Yim/Keith Lee – Rollup to Yim

Isaiah Scott b. Tony Nese – Sunset flip

Breezango b. Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch and Undisputed Era – Last Dance to Fish

Cameron Grimes b. Bronson Reed – Cave In

El Hijo de Fantasma b. Drake Maverick – Phantom Driver

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