Fun Factor

Watching AEW, beyond the great wrestling and entertaining shows, what I think is appealing to me the most is the genuine enjoyment the talent themselves seem to be having. 

After years and years of highly structured and controlled WWE products, I can almost feel the happiness coming from everyone in AEW. You have the fun from things like Jericho and his Inner Circle, to the joy of people like Moxley and Brodie Lee having freedom to expand their characters for the first time in ages. And you have people like Hangman Page and Britt Baker, not getting written off after initial failures and becoming even better given the time needed.

I'm not crazy in thinking the talent's happiness is positively displaying in the product itself, right?

Hey, you can have fun on the WWE product, pal!  In fact they make sure to bark orders over the PA system to ensure people are having fun OR ELSE.  

But yes, the sense of fun permeating through the AEW product makes it fun to watch as well.  Britt Baker working out with her wheelchair in particular, while Tony cheered her on, made the week for me.